Hottest Brands Heating Up This Summer

  1. Mezlan

Well-traveled shoemaking is the story of Mezlan, a Spanish footwear Hottest Brands that has been raising the standard for men’s high-quality shoes for over 40 years. The company originated in Almansa, Spain where founder and lead designer, Antonio Sánchez, left his work on the family farm to pursue an upward journey with a relative’s nearby shoe factory, Mezlan. The real story began to unfold when Sánchez arrived in the United States in 1985, hitting the road for 260 days a year to introduce his family’s reputation for excellence to buyers and sellers alike. Today, Mezlan can be found all over the world and in department stores like Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue, offering a suite of styles and silhouettes fit for any occasion, from business and dress designs to casual footwear, sandals, and boots. Mezlan maintains a distinctly “Old World” flavor of craftsmanship and artisanal utility while embracing modern shapes and innovative styles as they evolve. The legacy of Mezlan holds deep roots in Almansa, a fertile town known for its vineyards and vegetable crops, and that legacy takes a welcomed iteration in North America where tradition, consistency, and attention to detail are hot commodities against the onslaught of “fast fashion”. Mezlan invites a sense of authenticity and ingenuity into their craft, backed by Sánchez who keeps a close eye on design and production to ensure quality and taste. It is often said that a person’s life can be explained by the stories of their shoes and where they have taken them––Mezlan continues to empower those near and far to reach for the next adventure and trust that your feet will carry you with style. 


It starts with the first sip, and 2ND SUMMIT, the hottest name in stainless steel drinkware, is challenging you to #FindYourPeak with their sharp and sophisticated take on proper hydration. Founded by brothers and outdoor enthusiasts, 2ND SUMMIT offers a sensory experience with their stainless steel drinkware, as the matte powder coating is cool to the touch and their visually striking logo transports the mind to distant mountains. 2ND SUMMIT believes our passion projects are best supported by hydration and a thirst for adventure, speaking to a range of demographics and lifestyles that share an appreciation for upward mobility. The company’s unique design applies a bit of color theory, especially in their color matching straw lid and lid combinations that deserve a double take from passersby. Additionally, 2ND SUMMIT is where function meets fashion, with a spout and strap handle for streamlined convenience. With just one hero product in their lineup, 2ND SUMMIT is quickly diversifying their roster and working towards other drinkware essentials like coffee mugs and a suite of different designs and sizes for their water bottles. At its core, 2ND SUMMIT seeks to inspire and ignite a new sense of ambition through quality control, ensuring that tomorrow’s leaders have the tools they need to succeed and conquer their next ascent. Water is our co-pilot through every kind of challenge, so why not make it the most compelling piece of our utility?

3. Edge Team Sports

Whether you’re on or off the field, Edge Team Sports is calling all athletes to step their game up and dress to impress with ultra-customized gear, equipment, and uniforms. Driven by Derek Plaisted and Billy O’Brien, Edge Team Sports is a premier sporting goods dealer that has generated plenty of buzz in their short but strong ascent, including that of athletic powerhouse, New Balance. The company is fueled by innovation and collaboration, working closely with clients to create one-of-a-kind uniforms and essentials that enhance performance and yield a distinctly “SWAGTASTIC” advantage in sporting communities. The company recently completed a new facility for printing, packaging, and shipping that allows for quick response and expedited transportation. Additionally, their core team offers a suite of services that can help improve custom uniform design and team webstores. Edge Team Sports has developed a national reputation for excellence that turns athletes into champions, elevating the camaraderie of any team sport to include a sense of pride, community, and belonging. Both Plaisted and O’Brien come from athletic backgrounds that reinforce their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, revolutionizing the sporting goods space by focusing on client experiences and unrivaled expectations. Edge Team Sports has set a new standard for team uniforms and swag that is both affordable and inventive by design, building a winner’s circle where you call the shots (and make the play). 

4. Equinavia

Based out of Watertown, Connecticut, and serving nationwide, Equinavia unites Scandinavian excellence with American riders and horse lovers who seek innovative standards in their equestrian journey. Officially introduced to American markets in 2007, Equinavia has become a household name in equestrian communities from coast to coast, offering a range of top-tier merchandise, equipment, and stylish utility for all ages, skill levels, and backgrounds. For the seasoned rider, it’s no secret that European expectations remain a cut above the rest, and yet much of this standard was difficult to come by before the arrival of Equinavia. As a company built by horse lovers for horse lovers, Equinavia works closely with local tack stores, national distributors, and equestrian communities to listen, learn, and elevate our experiences with our horses. From breeches and bridles to stirrups and show shirts, Equinavia is leading a renaissance for equestrian communities that honors classic taste while embracing the future of horse riding. Their products encourage confidence, discovery, and freedom while remaining committed to excellence, detail, and value, ensuring that riders of any age or background can find a deeper connection with their horses and with themselves.

5. Golden String

 Nestled in Downtown LA’s “Diamond District”, Golden String is a family affair that has enjoyed aerial success for over 40 years as a luxury destination for finding the right ring. Founded in 1987, Golden String has remained the envy of jewelry lovers and collectors in SoCal and beyond, defining the extent of quality by their warm approach to a historically cold industry. The Golden String team is built of professionals with a sharp eye for detail and graduates of Gemology studies, as well as members of the family. Natalie M, a fourth-generation jeweler, grew up working closely with her family’s business, learning the in’s and out’s of sourcing quality diamonds and stones and understanding how to spark long-term relationships with clients. Golden String excels on this front, inviting community and personal touch into the jewelry industry. Additionally, Natalie brings a fresh perspective and a refined approach to jewelry design that speaks to younger generations. For this reason, customers are seen as familiar faces and trusted friends, where if someone asks for recommendations on the best place for an engagement ring, they know exactly where to go. Years of craftsmanship have sculpted Golden String as a pioneer in the timeless-modern hybrid, designs that typically emulate minimalism and striking dispositions. The company unites cutting-edge artistry with classic silhouettes that never go out of style. Golden String takes classic opulence and treats it with modern flare, designing compelling pieces that sparkle, unlike any other diamond on the market. Their dedication to loyalty, quality, and innovation is unrivaled in the space, and having Golden String in your rotation will keep you a cut above the rest.