How Jules Bower’s Lens Elevated Ami and Bobby’s Dream Elopement to Unforgettable Art

On the scenic shores of Villa Balbiano, two hearts have committed to the words “forever”. This wasn’t just any elopement—it was a dreamy event perfectly orchestrated by Italy Elope and immortalized through the lens of its founder Jules Bower, master of luxury elopements. Amid Lake Como’s breathtaking beauty, Villa Balbiano was the canvas where Ami and Bobby’s love story was artfully painted.

Ami and Bobby seal their love and elopement with a kiss as the serene waters of Lake Como bear witness to their timeless moment. (Photos taken by Jules Bower of Italy Elope)

Of Pizza, Profiles, and Passion

Ami and Bobby’s journey from an online pizza-themed profile to a union in Italy is a fresh twist on modern love. Beyond the surface-level love for pizza, it became a metaphor for their shared appreciation of life’s simple pleasures. These initial exchanges, filled with wit, humor, and a dash of nostalgia, laid the foundation for their profound connection.

Though originating from different worlds—Ami’s Japanese heritage and Bobby’s US East Coast lifestyle—they found common ground in their love for Italian food. More than a choice, their elopement in Italy was a poetic tribute to their shared passion.

The pandemic might have forced them to postpone their elopement thrice, but Ami and Bobby never wavered. They celebrated every moment fervently, ensuring that each tradition was cherished, from the intimate first look to the joyous champagne pop.

A Harmony of Traditions and Extravagance

Villa Balbiano, standing majestically beside Lake Como, turned into a sanctuary of history, art, and nature for this couple. Beyond its fame from films like “House of Gucci,” the villa’s rich collection of global artwork captivated their senses. In its silent, artistic eloquence, the villa seemed to narrate their story, an intertwining of two worlds. The hallways echoed with whispers of history, but it also resonated deeply with the couple’s own tales of love. For Bobby and Ami, this venue perfectly blended their personal journey and the grandiosity they yearned for.

Ami’s bridal attire showcased her Japanese roots. Gracing a Pnina Tornai design, she shimmered in crystals, representing purity and prosperity. Embracing the spirit of global excellence, Bobby curated his attire from the world’s finest, a blend of diverse cultural craftsmanship.

A Dream Team’s Triumph

Ami and Bobby’s commitment to perfection led them to handpick the best vendors, transcending geographical borders. Their dedicated “dream team” brilliantly overcame cultural and logistical challenges, setting a new gold standard in luxury elopements.

Reminiscing this majestic journey, Italy Elope photographer Jules Bower remarked, “Ami and Bobby exemplify the spirit of love and celebration, even in the face of adversity.” Their wedding celebrates their resilient love and symbolizes a glimmer of joy in challenging times.

Design + Planning: Italy Elope

Photography: Jules Bower

Video: With Heart Films

Venue: Villa Balbiano

Stationery: Kartoe

Floral: Barbara Botta Fiori

Wedding Cake: Sugar Cups

Rentals: Preludio Noleggio

Catering: Class Eventi

Hair: La Pellizzaro on Instagram

Make-up: Pablo Ardizzone on Instagram

Celebrant: Blessings From Italy

Music: N Barrett Music on Instagram

List of Items

Stationary – Kartoe


Wedding Day

  • Wedding dress – Pnina Tornai
  • Tiara – Pnina Tornai
  • Veil – Pnina Tornai
  • Shoes – Jimmy Choo
  • Diamond engagement ring – Amir H. Mozaffarian Fine Jewels
  • Diamond wedding band – Amir H. Mozaffarian Fine Jewels
  • Diamond tennis bracelet – Amir H. Mozaffarian Fine Jewels
  • Crystal earrings – Swarovski
  • Perfume – Baccarat

Second Day

  • Top – Cinq a Sept
  • Skirt – Bronx and Banco
  • Handbag – Christian Dior
  • Shoes – Tony Bianco
  • Sunglasses – Fendi


Wedding Day

  • Tuxedo – Giorgio Armani
  • Shirt – Cesare Attolini
  • Shoes – Santoni
  • Bow tie – Tom Ford
  • Handkerchief – Charvet
  • Cufflinks –  Jan Leslie
  • Suspenders – Zegna
  • Platinum wedding band – Christian Bauer
  • Socks – Bresciani
  • Cologne – Versace

Second Day

  • Top – Zegna
  • Sweater – Luca Faloni
  • Pants – Luca Faloni
  • Shoes – Salvatore Ferragamo
  • Belt – Salvatore Ferragamo
  • Sunglasses – Persol