Rust Is The New Gold: How London Design Brand, Baker Street Boys, Redefines The Perception Of Luxury

Over the last few years we witnessed considerable changes in the perception of luxury in the world of design and interiors. We see minimalism, use of unorthodox materials and art-furniture crossovers playing major roles.

London Design brand, Baker Street Boys, proved to be the rising start and one of the leading forces in this trend. The significance of their position in the industry is confirmed by the (continuous expansion of  their) impressive list of their clients including: The Ruling Family of Dubai, Oscar Winner, Olympic Gold Medalist or the Forbes Featured, US Tech Investor.

After their success with THE LINE Collection, considered the icon of minimalism, they take one step forward with their revolutionary approach applied in the latest THE BOX Collection.

Let’s have a closer look at THE BOX to understand what it is all about…

THE BOX represents the collaboration between the artists and the creative forces of nature. It is the intervention and the harnessing of the rust process. Carefully oxidized and polished steel surfaces are covered with the high quality, gloss varnish which further emphasize the rich patterns.

The method itself is revolutionary. For the first time in furniture design history we see the reversed perception of rust. The crafting process transforms into an art of alchemy redefining the rust into the luxury, ambler like material and a new gold of our times.. Tomasz Danielec, brand’s designer, and his younger sister, Agnieszka Bar, follow the guidance of these natural, unpredictable reactions which makes nature the co-creator of the design.

Development of the project took over two years of testing. This precisely welded steel box was first exposed to the influence of natural factors such as humidity, temperature and of course time. Unique methods have been compiled to gain some control over the rust reactions. Using acid as a paint and grinder as a brush artists broke the conventions and achieved timeless results. Through combination of the handcrafted rust patinas with the simplicity of the form THE BOX became a unique collection of functional art.

THE BOX is a highly limited collection of fifty bar stools and only ten sets of tables. Its price ranges from £18,000 for one stool to £54,000 for one set of coffee tables. The collection is numbered, certified and made to order in the interiors of the so-called ‘Twardawa Castle’, which is the classicist palace where Baker Street Boys designer, Tomasz, spent his early childhood.

Brand’s revolutionary approach did not escape the eye of the renowned New York and London art gallery, STUDIOTWENTYSEVEN, who curated bar stools for their representation. You can learn more about THE BOX by visiting brand’s website at