Innovative 150-Foot Support Catamaran Revealed with Unique Fold-Out Garage


A remarkable new multihull concept has been unveiled by a German shipyard, showcasing a harmonious blend of form and function. Named the “150 Yacht Support,” this 150-foot catamaran embodies founder Ralph Wuttke’s Spaceline design philosophy, which prioritizes efficient aluminum construction, spacious interior volumes, and top-notch finishes.

Designed by Hans Konings of KYC Yacht Consultancy and Laura Pomponi of Luxury Projects, the 150 Yacht Support boasts a sleek and sporty exterior with clean lines that stretch from bow to stern. Created to provide support to larger superyachts, this newcomer offers an impressive 4,300 square feet of storage space on the main deck, ready to accommodate a range of items, from tenders to four-wheelers.

“We have developed the UC 150 YS project with a global approach as we designed both exteriors and interiors with the precise aim to create the perfect harmony between sports and operational performance with uncompromised elegance and comfort,” stated Pomponi.

At the stern, a cleverly designed garage features a pop-up door that can be discreetly closed when not in use. Forward garages also feature upward-opening doors, ensuring easy access to the toys and equipment within while maintaining a clean exterior look. The aft deck hosts a touch-and-go helipad, allowing for a prominent display of your helicopter.

The shipyard emphasizes that both the exterior and interior layouts can be tailored to the client’s preferences. As a standard configuration, the light and spacious living quarters include four staterooms for up to eight guests, cabins for a crew of 15, and an opulent waiting lounge on the bridge deck for pre- and post-expedition gatherings.

“As far as the interiors, we created a modular high-end design that allows for extreme personalization with a wide range of materials that the owners can choose,” Pomponi adds. “Each material in the palette is selected to give a comfortable and inviting ambiance, never forgetting the performance side of the project.”

In terms of performance, the 150 Yacht Support can reach a top speed of 20 knots and cover an impressive 5,000 nautical miles at a cruising speed of 18 knots. The catamaran boasts exceptionally low fuel consumption, and it can also be equipped with solar panels to generate additional clean and green energy.

Ultimate Catamarans has dubbed the 150 Yacht Support a “game-changer.” While its true impact on the industry remains to be seen, this newcomer demonstrates that support vessels can bring a refreshing touch of style and innovation to the world of yachting.