Introducing La Rose Noire by Rolls-Royce: The First Rolls-Royce Coachbuilt Roadster

Rolls-Royce Coachbuilt Roadster

The illustrious British luxury car manufacturer, Rolls-Royce, has astounded the automotive world yet again with the grand introduction of its latest masterpiece, the La Rose Noire Droptail. This extraordinary creation, the first among a series of four upcoming Droptails, has redefined exclusivity and opulence in the world of automobiles.

Carved with Excellence, Valued at Opulence

In an announcement that resonated with luxury aficionados across the globe, the La Rose Noire Droptail emerged with an astonishing price tag exceeding $30 million, effortlessly claiming its throne as the world’s most expensive automobile. Its debut, orchestrated with meticulous elegance, unfolded at an exclusive event near the illustrious Pebble Beach, California.

Power Woven in Precision

Underneath its impeccable exterior, the La Rose Noire Droptail houses a formidable twin-turbocharged 6.75-liter V-12 engine, a true testament to engineering prowess. This powertrain commands a remarkable 563 bhp of raw potency at 5250 rpm and a formidable peak torque of 820 Nm at 1500 rpm, harmonizing power and performance to match its esteemed status.

A Symphony Inspired by Nature’s Grace

Drawing inspiration from the elegant Black Baccara rose, a velvety bloom originating from the heart of France, the La Rose Noire Droptail exudes an aura of natural magnificence. Its paint scheme is an ode to the transformative elegance of this flower, creating a mesmerizing spectacle as colors shift with every angle of observation.

A Canvas Perfected with Innovation

This artistic color transformation is an outcome of an innovative paint process, meticulously developed after a rigorous trial of more than 150 iterations. The process involves a secret base coat, followed by the careful application of five distinct layers of red-toned clear lacquer, resulting in a finish that is as captivating as it is elusive.

A Fusion of Elegance and Modernity

The exterior of the La Rose Noire Droptail boasts a remarkable feature – a removable carbon fiber hardtop, seamlessly integrated with electrochromic glass. This design element not only exudes an air of modernity but also echoes the grace of luxury yachts. The ‘Templebrough’ overhang grille design, a fresh take on the classic Rolls-Royce aesthetic, adds a dash of contemporary allure.

Elevated Interior: Where Comfort Meets Artistry

Inside the cabin, a minimalist dashboard welcomes occupants with its gracefully curved wooden design and a trio of primary buttons, evoking a sense of understated sophistication. The cabin itself is an epitome of artistry, adorned with over 1,600 meticulously hand-crafted wooden components that stand as a testament to two years of dedicated craftsmanship.

The focal point of the dashboard proudly cradles an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Concept watch, infusing modern horology into the tapestry of opulence.

A Fusion of Art and Comfort

Upholding an innovative design philosophy, the Rolls-Royce Drop Tail envelops passengers in an intimate interior environment that prioritizes comfort. The seats, adorned with a specially fashioned wooden panel reminiscent of falling rose petals, encapsulate the romantic essence that defines the La Rose Noire Droptail.

In essence, the La Rose Noire Droptail not only commands attention but captures the very essence of luxury, craftsmanship, and innovation in the realm of automotive excellence.