Introducing the AP Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar Openworked ‘Cactus Jack’ LE by Travis Scott

A groundbreaking collaboration in the Swiss watch industry has emerged, heralding a new chapter. It’s a fusion between the creative genius of 32-year-old Houston-born rapper Travis Scott, his renowned record label Cactus Jack, and the horological powerhouse Audemars Piguet.

Enter the exclusive ‘Cactus Jack’ LE Royal Oak perpetual calendar, a rich chocolate brown masterpiece limited to just 200 pieces, bearing a price tag of approximately $201,000. This collaboration isn’t merely about a watch; it signifies a cultural milestone. Travis Scott, known for his collaborations with Nike, McDonald’s, Helmut Lang, and Dior, stands as a cultural icon regardless of one’s familiarity with his music. Alongside Drake, he remains one of the most ubiquitous figures of his rap generation.

In partnership with Audemars Piguet, Travis Scott unveils a watch where his label’s logo graces the dial. While the timepiece retains the essence of the iconic Royal Oak, it’s a creative remix that will draw an entirely fresh audience to the watchmaking realm. The 41mm perpetual calendar flaunts white gold hexagonal screws and a sapphire dial, offering a glimpse into the intricately openworked Calibre 5135, featuring rhodium-toned components complemented by pink-gold hues.

Crafted in Travis Scott’s distinctive hand-drawn style, the typography for calendar and week indications adorns the watch. The hand of the day subdial mirrors the brand’s logo. Notably, the moon phase display at six o’clock deviates from the norm, showcasing Cactus Jack’s iconic smiley face, its luminescent coating emitting a blue glow in the darkness. In contrast, other calendar indications, except for the week indication, utilize luminescent material, emitting a unique green luminescence at night.

This unique creation introduces a textured calfskin leather strap, a first for this complication, complemented by a pink gold folding clasp engraved with the dual signatures of Audemars Piguet and Travis Scott.

In conjunction with the watch release, a collection of exclusive clothing and accessories, from hoodies and T-shirts to jackets, pajamas, shorts, and caps, will be available solely through

A significant portion of the proceeds from this collection’s sale will be dedicated to charitable endeavors chosen by Travis Scott.

CEO Francois Bennahmias of Audemars Piguet previously pioneered the amalgamation of hip-hop and haute horology, notably with the official Jay-Z collaboration Offshore in 2005. While watches have long been associated with the rap world, the direct partnership of Swiss watch brands with rappers signifies a unique intersection. This collaboration stands as FHB’s final flourish before the impending leadership transition effective January 1st.

AP deserves credit for embracing hip-hop within the Swiss fold—a move worthy of admiration. While sometimes brands may seem to ride on the coattails of artists’ success and reach, one hopes that the departure of François doesn’t deter their efforts to diversify into new demographics. François, you will be missed!

Pricing & Availability

Price: $201,000

Availability: AP boutiques

Limited Edition: 200