Israeli Chef Eyal Shani’s NYC Venture: Port Sa’id Transcends Borders

Chef Eyal Shani's

The essence of Tel Aviv’s culinary creativity comes alive in Port Sa’id – a restaurant that melds a market-inspired menu, urban vibe, and curated music. Launched in 2012 adjacent to Tel Aviv’s Great Synagogue, Port Sa’id has evolved into a hotspot for both locals and tourists, offering round-the-clock outdoor dining that promises an enchanting experience.

Now, Eyal Shani, the genius behind Port Sa’id, aims to transplant the restaurant’s unique ambiance and evolving menu to Manhattan. The world has welcomed the first international Port Sa’id on July 12, 2023. This addition complements Shani’s already renowned New York culinary ventures, including HaSalon, Miznon, North Miznon, Naked Tomato, and the recently acclaimed Shmone, a contender for a Michelin star.

Port Sa’id’s inception brought together Shani, a culinary virtuoso, and Teder, a cultural virtual broadcasting station. Music, integral to Tel Aviv’s scene, continues as a cornerstone in the New York Port Sa’id. Guest DJs and music curators will play carefully selected vinyl records from the restaurant’s audio library, creating an auditory delight through a top-notch analog sound system. Orchestrated by the Los Angeles-based In Sheep’s Clothing, renowned for pandemic-era avant-garde sounds, this music partnership is set to elevate the experience.

Zack Bar, Teder co-founder, notes, “New York is the perfect backdrop to merge Port Sa’id’s culinary excellence with its musical allure. It’s not just a restaurant; it’s a haven where exquisite food and soul-stirring melodies come together for an unparalleled experience.”

Situated in Hudson Square, the new Port Sa’id occupies 350 Hudson Street, blending SoHo’s bohemian flair with TriBeCa’s refinement. The venue features distinct zones, including a spacious dining area, dedicated bar, auditory sanctuary, and a retail section for In Sheep’s Clothing. Nightfall sees Port Sa’id transform, echoing Shani’s signature festive spirit that extends past bedtime.

Unlike its Tel Aviv counterpart, the New York Port Sa’id is indoors, but architects Dror Sher and Tal Friedland-Sher artfully infuse the space with Tel Aviv’s outdoor charm. Towering ceilings, inviting materials, and a central auditory system contribute to its welcoming ambiance. An outdoor dining area is planned for the future.

Port Sa’id NY’s menu reflects Chef Shani’s global trajectory. Modern and cosmopolitan, it adapts with the seasons, using local, artisanal ingredients for seafood, meats, vegetables, and produce. From brine-infused marine delights to Levantine-spiced roasted veggies, Middle Eastern sandwiches, stews, and grilled meats, the menu captures culinary diversity.

Zack Bar describes the focus on communal enjoyment with medium-sized dishes. Quality ingredients mirror Shani’s commitment to excellence. Wines, reds, whites, roses, and unconventional orange varietals, complemented by beers, spirits, and craft cocktails, anchor the beverage selection.

Located at 350 Hudson Street, Port Sa’id welcomes guests from Monday to Saturday, starting at 5 pm and continuing into the night. Reservations are facilitated through Resy, and walk-ins are embraced. For inquiries, call (212) 256 0841 or connect on Instagram @port_said_nyc.

About The Visionaries

The Good People consortium redefines hospitality, viewing their 40 global culinary ventures as transformative experiences. Partner Shahar Segal explains that each venue merges Eyal Shani’s gastronomy with theatrical ethos to create moments of warmth. Port Sa’id in Hudson Square epitomizes this in NYC. Other ventures like Shmone and Miznon exemplify their culinary landscape. From Tel Aviv to New York, their influence fosters connection.

About Chef Eyal Shani

Chef Eyal Shani’s culinary journey began in 1959 in Jerusalem, nurtured by his grandfather’s vegan values. He launched his first restaurant “Oceanus” in 1989, fusing Mediterranean elements like olive oil and tomatoes. HaSalon, a culinary sanctuary in Tel Aviv, marked his global influence. Together with Shahar Segal, he manages ventures worldwide, leaving an indelible mark on the culinary realm.