Italian Elegance Meets Hawaiian Charm: Inside Fendi’s New Boutique in Waikiki

The 3,186-square-foot Fendi boutique in Hawaii has moved to the Royal Hawaiian Center in Waikiki, Honolulu. The new location will feature the House’s ready-to-wear collections, shoes, accessories, and leather goods for men and women. With a novel and contemporary interpretation of Fendi’s Italian heritage, the new store pays tribute to the meeting point of luxury and craftsmanship in a tropical locale. 

The boutique features handcrafted concrete palm tiles that give the interior a three-dimensional, tactile quality, with inspiration drawn from the Hawaiian landscape. The boutique pays homage to its Roman past with a facade that mimics the arches of Fendi’s headquarters at the Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana. The design creates a seamless flow between the indoor and outdoor spaces by fusing these historical details with contemporary clear glass windows. The first floor of the multi-level boutique greets guests with the elegant charm of Fendi’s women’s leather goods and accessories. The palm tiles direct visitors through the boutique, and locally sourced Hawaiian Acacia koa wood adds to the overall ambiance.

Guests ascend to the upper level via an elegant staircase that is emphasized by a unique wall with striped travertine and red travertine inlays of the Maison’s FF motifs.

The boutique’s second floor is devoted to Fendi’s menswear and is decorated in shades of green and camel. It features a carefully chosen selection of design furniture and distinctive palm tiles that give the space a touch of artisanal flair. The menswear section is improved by the use of raffia and wooden elements throughout. After ascending the wooden staircase, guests are greeted by a striking space with opulent Patagonia marble flooring and gold natural fiber rugs. This level features tastefully designed marble shelves that present women’s ready-to-wear clothing in a logical order. 

The raffia and wood-themed décor are perfectly complemented by a particular seating arrangement that incorporates items from the Fendi Casa collection.

A remarkable feature of the boutique is the magnificent private client room, which is accessed by texturized natural sliding doors. With a backdrop of arches and windows, this luxurious area is adorned with carefully chosen Italian-designed pieces featuring lavish accents like Patagonia marble and champagne metal finishes.