JC Biver Collaborates with Bucherer to Create a Unique Tourbillon Timepiece

Renowned watchmaker Jean-Claude Biver continues to shape the horological landscape with his latest venture, as his eponymous brand unveils a special collaboration with watch retailer Bucherer.

The JC Biver x Bucherer Carillon Tourbillon is a one-of-a-kind minute repeater adorned with stunning blue sapphires, aiming to replicate the success of the brand’s inaugural timepiece, which made headlines by fetching $1.1 million at auction, setting a record for a debut watch.

The name ‘Biver’ holds significant weight in the industry, predating the birth of the brand itself. Jean-Claude Biver, formerly CEO of Tag Heuer and president of LVMH’s watchmaking division, boasts over 43 years of experience in the field, culminating in his retirement in 2018.

However, retirement didn’t signal an end to Biver’s contributions to the watchmaking world. Returning to the fray in 2023, he joined forces with his son Pierre to launch their eponymous brand, signaling a new chapter in their illustrious legacy.

Pierre Biver emphasizes that the minute repeater was envisioned as the cornerstone of the brand from the outset, aiming to marry tradition with contemporary aesthetics. He states, “Our goal was to create a timepiece that reflects both my father’s and my own perspectives, blending inspiration from tradition with modernity.”

Freed from commercial constraints, the Biver brand strives for what it terms ‘invisible beauty,’ crafting timepieces that excel both internally and externally. While the exterior dazzles with 294 meticulously set gradient blue sapphires totaling 26.27 carats, it is the inner workings that truly captivate.

The watch pays homage to the artisans who poured their expertise into its creation, embodying what Jean-Claude poetically describes as “the soul of the watch.” With its exposed mechanism featuring three gongs and hammers, complemented by a platinum micro-rotor and rose gold decorative plate, the timepiece is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship.

The automatic movement, adorned with circular-grained finishes and white gold bridges, is visible through sapphire crystal encasements on both the front and back, ensuring durability and clarity alike.

As the Biver brand builds upon Jean-Claude’s esteemed watchmaking legacy, the collaboration with Bucherer signals an exciting chapter in their journey, promising further innovation and excellence in the years to come.