Kolja Annussek: Pushing The Boundaries In High Streetwear Fashion

Kolja Annussek Streetwear Designer crafting Luxury Python Embroidered T-Shirts

Luxury is defined as “the state of great comfort and extravagant living.” Many seem to think luxury tends to be a want rather than a need, but what happens when you create the next trending luxury streetwear brand out of pure necessity? An artistic high value creation born from need. That’s the story of Kolja Annussek.

Inspiring to bring a revolutionary and timeless design to the world of fashion,  Kolja Annussek brand has quickly established itself as a unique force looking to stamp its moment in time. What was born from Kolja’s inspiration of a culture surrounding american sports and hip hop, has transcended itself to take over the design industry by storm. Each article of clothing is unique to its own and is created to be just as much as a piece of art as it is considered clothing, which is obvious in each design. Made with the highest quality materials and detail, each garment is tailored with organic cotton and genuine grade 1 python leather. Undergoing hours of enduring creation, it will truly stand the test of time. Kolja also offers premium customization for each shirt upon request, increasing the value and added rarity of each piece. With only 120 shirts produced in Season 1 collection, the brand has truly valued uniqueness and exclusivity with the consumer and the future of the brand in mind. With the brand’s Season 2 collection arriving soon, the community is realizing what seems like an unprecedented and extraordinary quality streetwear line has just as well turned into a vogue future investment gauging how the company has interacted with the market so far. Kolja Annussek has made it a necessity to change the world of design and fashion and now it’s obvious why he is the next trending recognized designer. 

Kolja Annussek - KA SIG 001 Luxury Python Embroidered T Shirt
Kolja Annussek – KA SIG 001

You can discover the collections at KoljaAnnussek.com and continue to be apart of the story as it’s being written, by following the brand on instagram @koljaannussekofficial as it evolves to push artistic boundaries, defy odds, and break industry norms, purely out of need.