Lamborghini Unveils Game-Changing Urus Hybrid: A Bold Step Towards an All-Electric Future

Lamborghini is gearing up for significant changes with its Urus model. The CEO, Stephan Winkelmann, has confirmed that a hybrid variant of the popular SUV will be introduced in the upcoming year, followed by a complete transition to electric power in 2029. While the news of a hybrid version is not surprising, what comes as a shock is the decision to exclusively offer electrified powertrains for the Urus moving forward.

Lamborghini plans to introduce a plug-in hybrid version of the Urus SUV by late 2024, effectively replacing the current gas-powered model. This shift signifies that the Urus will exclusively be offered as a hybrid vehicle in the future. However, it remains uncertain how this change will impact the Urus Performante, the range-topping variant that was launched just last year.
In addition to the upcoming electrified Urus, Lamborghini will introduce its second plug-in hybrid model after the Revuelto supercar, which was revealed in March. Furthermore, a hybrid replacement for the Huracán is expected to join the lineup next year. The new hybrid supercar will sport a fresh name and deviate from its predecessor by adopting a modified version of the Urus’s electrified powertrain, potentially featuring a twin-turbo V-8 engine as well.

The hybrid Urus is anticipated to remain in production until 2029 when Lamborghini plans to launch a second-generation, all-electric version. This electric SUV will be introduced one year following the company’s first electric vehicle. Positioned as a high-riding 2+2 grand tourer, the upcoming electric model will serve as the brand’s fourth offering, without any predecessors. While Lamborghini has not confirmed any additional electric vehicles beyond these two upcoming “daily drivers,” it is reasonable to assume that the brand is at least exploring the possibility of an electric supercar, considering the successes of the Rimac Nevera and Pininfarina Batista in the electric performance car segment.