At such a young age, Lawson Sudbeck is already empowering the youth of tomorrow to take risks and dream bigger. Through his high-energy content and motivational adrenaline, Sudbeck is turning the digital domain into a positive and self-driven environment that fosters community. Having grown up in Madison, Mississippi, going outside and exploring is something Sudbeck has always craved. His active lifestyle shapes the influence he has on so many other young teens not far from his age and differentiates him from the bunch. The stunts he performs on his dirt bikes and jet skis are an accurate portrayal of his inkling for the high energy lifestyle he has successfully created. 

From as early as childhood, Sudbeck always wanted to create content that was not only fun to watch but able to be leveraged to start businesses and inspire others to do so as well. Throughout his childhood he was passionate about playing both baseball and football. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, the loss of normal operational sporting leagues prompted him to get outside and find different ways to participate in physical activity. Sudbeck began riding dirt bikes and performing stunts for his TikTok and Instagram accounts. Not only did these posts help him gain a massive following, they inspired other young teens to get outside and find unique ways to exercise during a world pandemic. As he started to grow on social media, Sudbeck’s history in watersports made its debut on his TikTok profile. From dirt bikes to jet skis, his content began to appeal to the lake life, eventually supporting his first clothing brand, Lost Rabbit Gear. This brand is marketed as a local business, selling apparel and accessories designed for the notable and native outdoorsy lifestyle of Madison. Sudbeck generated over $40,000 in revenue from Lost Rabbit Gear and decided to use this capital to start investing in other up-and-coming businesses. He put his assets to use by partnering with Lift Foils, an electric surfboard brand that creates motor-powered boards they call eFoils. Sudbeck rented out their products on his local lake along with doing influencer work and Lift Foils soon became a staple and main source of income for him along with the revenue he was generating from the hundreds of thousands of views accumulated on digital platforms. Social media proved to be a natural talent and a catalyst for him to enter the entrepreneurial world, as other brands started to notice Sudbeck’s prowess in building community and began asking for his management and counsel. He started working with brands like Blocks Nutrition and Oro Reserve SuperCar Rental by managing their social media and coming up with effective and modern marketing strategies able to fit their respective demographics. Sudbeck is well beyond his years, and because of this he is able to lend a fresh pair of eyes to the existing ecosystems of modern marketing and social media strategy.

In light of the valuable entrepreneurial experiences Sudbeck has gained so far, he wants to share his knowledge with the next generation of influencers and inspire young teens to view social media in a different light, as an entity with the potential to give them the life they’ve always dreamed of. The value of social media is irreplaceable, and Sudbeck’s mission  is to promote the powerful assets social media holds and teach others about its infinite potential. Sudbeck is inspiring other teens to push the boundaries of social norms and, more importantly,  lead an active lifestyle that strengthens his communities through savvy entrepreneurship. He wants to diminish the stereotypes surrounding social media and inspire others to step into the natural world, whether it’s through travel-related, vagabond content or smart business strategies that speak to global audiences. Sudbeck drives social media and strategy with more businesses  including Full Send Supplements and FlexPro Meals. His goal is to successfully expand the networks of the brands he works with as he has done on his own in order to leverage their reach. From beginning his own small clothing business to now working with brands that cater to the whole world, his trajectory takes on a theme of “local to worldwide”. Sudbeck wants to carry this theme into more travel, automobile, and entrepreneurial advice and plans to start a YouTube channel in the near future that will focus on mobilizing his content. Additionally, he is in the process of creating his own podcast, “Dreams To Reality”, where he plans to invite a variety of guests that provide listeners with motivational and inspiring entrepreneurial advice. Within the next five years, Sudbeck sees himself as a well known entrepreneur that works with an array of brands. He hopes to gain even more traction with his YouTube along with his other two accounts, and wants to be an inspiration for the younger generation that hopes to work completely independently. Lawson Sudbeck is a young influencer that has already made himself into a business owner, social media consultant, and inspiration. His career is a positive example of what the future of influencing looks like beyond the number of followers posted on social media pages across the internet.