Loewe’s Casa Loewe Re-Opens to Commemorate Its 10th Anniversary and Celebrate 50 Years of Presence in Japan

Casa Loewe Omotesando has recently unveiled its doors once again, marking the 10th anniversary of its establishment and signifying a significant milestone for the brand, coinciding with their 50th year of influential presence in Japan. This reopening, nearly a decade after its initial launch, introduces itself as the largest Loewe store in Japan, housing the inaugural location of Loewe ReCraft in Tokyo.

Initially founded in 2004 and later revamped in 2014, this store has wielded a considerable influence, inspiring the overarching Casa Loewe concept worldwide. Departing from the conventional approach, Loewe opted not to engage a renowned architectural firm for their store designs. Instead, Creative Director Jonathan Anderson took the reins in curating the space in collaboration with an in-house architectural team.

Anderson’s vision for Casa Loewe was to fashion an ambiance resembling a collector’s residence, seamlessly blending Loewe products with art, craftsmanship, and design pieces sourced from their expanding art collection. The aim was to craft an environment exuding luxury, intimacy, and cultural significance.

Casa Loewe Omotesando reopens with a spacious three-floor establishment, now accommodating the brand’s inaugural ReCraft venue. Here, a dedicated leather artisan stands prepared to offer repair and maintenance services for Loewe’s esteemed leather items. This commitment to craftsmanship extends beyond mere acquisition, emphasizing the restoration of cherished possessions.

The leather goods repair station is fully equipped with specialized tools and materials, providing a transparent view of the meticulous repair process. Simultaneously, the central counter serves as a hub for sales consultations and personalized bag customization services. Loewe’s dedication to preserving, enhancing, and personalizing its products epitomizes the brand’s steadfast commitment to excellence and artistry.

The store boasts an extensive range of men’s and women’s ready-to-wear and accessories, encompassing bags, shoes, scarves, eyewear, jewelry, and small leather goods. Reflective of its surroundings, the store’s design harmonizes deeply with nature. Mirroring the iconic Zelkova trees of Omotesando Avenue and their seasonal hues, the reflective silver facade fosters a seamless connection between the store and its natural setting. Floor-to-ceiling windows invite natural light, while materials such as oak wood, ceramic tiles, and concrete configure a space that exudes warmth.

The elevated store will exhibit a curated selection of artworks by renowned artists like Pablo Picasso and Anthea Hamilton, complemented by pieces from Japanese artists such as Tanabe Chikuunsai IV and TSUBAKI. Thoughtfully selected furniture by Gerrit Thomas Rietveld and Axel Vervoordt, alongside light sculptures by Noguchi Akari, further elevate the intricate and distinctive space, imbuing it with a sense of serenity.