Louis Vuitton Collaborates with Carlos Alcaraz to Present a Tailored Tennis Trunk

Carlos Alcaraz

Louis Vuitton has joined forces with their House Ambassador, Carlos Alcaraz, acclaimed winner of the US Open in 2022 and Wimbledon in 2023, to introduce an opulent, customized Malle Vestiaire. This bespoke trunk houses a thoughtfully curated assortment of Alcaraz’s mementos and gear. Drawing upon nearly 170 years of trunk-crafting expertise, seasoned artisans have meticulously crafted the trunk from handpicked timber, meticulously enveloped in Louis Vuitton’s iconic Monogram canvas at the Maison’s workshops in France. The trunk is adorned with the brand’s trademark brass fittings, fastenings, and studs that have adorned their trunks since the 1860s. Adorned with logos inspired by Alcaraz’s journey, the trunk boasts hand-painted motifs on its exterior.

Melding style with utility, the storage compartment’s inside highlights stitched itemizing, lodging five drawers fixed with microfiber, each furnished with a characteristic cowhide handle. A focal, bigger cabinet, got with woven cotton lashes suggestive of Louis Vuitton’s noteworthy trunks, eminently the famous Secrétaire Linge, fills in as the point of convergence. Custom-made to oblige memorabilia from Alcaraz’s renowned lifetime, the storage compartment incorporates the Nike clothing and footwear worn during his Wimbledon win in 2023, close by one of his Babolat tennis rackets. Extra things include a choice of Alcaraz’s own Louis Vuitton possessions, for example, a blue Expedient P9 Sack gifted by Louis Vuitton Men’s Innovative Chief, Pharrell Williams, and his loved LV Nike AF1s. In addition, tennis balls, Horizon Light Up headphones, a portable LV Nanogram speaker, a Dopp Kit toiletry bag, and a Nice Mini vanity case are all contained in the trunk. Finishing the gathering are Louis Vuitton City Guides for New York, setting of the US Open, and London, the stronghold of Wimbledon.

“Collaborating with Louis Vuitton’s artisans on this Malle Vestiaire has been an enriching experience and a privilege,” Alcaraz reflects on the collaboration. The completed trunk exemplifies valued recollections for me, outstandingly my Huge homerun triumphs, close by a portion of my favored Louis Vuitton items, like my Rapid Sack and custom LV x Nike AF1s. I’m tremendously pleased with what we’ve accomplished through this association.”

The Malle Vestiaire is now available in Louis Vuitton’s classic Monogram canvas with a beige microfiber interior, offering patrons the opportunity to procure and personalize their individual rendition. Each trunk will be custom-crafted with the Malle Vestiaire in Monogram Eclipse canvas and a black interior, as previously introduced in September 2023.