Louis Vuitton Introduces 11 Stunning New Objets Nomades in 2023

This year, Louis Vuitton has introduced 11 amazing new designs created by some of the world’s best designers. These new pieces, called Objets Nomades, show us a new way to think about design and the spaces where we put things.

Raw-Edges’ Binda Armchair

Raw-Edges designed a wonderful armchair called Binda. It has smooth lines and is covered with soft velvet. The armchair comes in five colors and looks like art in your home.

Studio Louis Vuitton’s Flower Carafe

Studio Louis Vuitton made a special glass carafe with a flower design. It’s made by hand in Italy and looks really beautiful.

Studio Louis Vuitton’s Twist Glass

The Twist Glass is another creation from Studio Louis Vuitton. It’s a glass that looks like the Louis Vuitton flower, and it’s made by skilled artisans in Italy.

Studio Louis Vuitton’s Bookends

You can find bookends in three designs from Studio Louis Vuitton. They’re made of different materials like marble and aluminum. They’re great for holding your books and adding beauty to your space.

Zanellato/Bortotto’s Basket Tables

Zanellato/Bortotto made tables that are like pieces of art. They have a special design with woven leather and a beautiful stone top.

Atelier Oï’s Origami Bowl

Atelier Oï created bowls that are both functional and artistic. They’re made from folded leather and are perfect for holding small items.

Atelier Biagetti’s Flower Tower Lamp

Atelier Biagetti’s lamp is really cool. It’s made of glass and has shapes that look like flowers. The light from the lamp is gentle and beautiful.

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Atelier Oï’s Piva Lamp

The Piva Lamp is inspired by nature. It has glass and leather that look amazing together. The colors change and it’s like a piece of art.

Marcel Wanders’ Capeline Lamp

Marcel Wanders made lamps that look like hats. They have soft light and can be put on walls or ceilings. They make a room feel cozy.

Atelier Oï’s Spiral Chandelier

Atelier Oï designed a chandelier that looks like twisted straps. It’s made of leather and metal. It looks really unique and can light up a room.

Atelier Oï’s Quetzal Design

The Quetzal design is inspired by colorful birds. It has leather in blue and green colors. The design is like feathers moving in the wind.

Special Designs by Campana

To celebrate 10 years of Objets Nomades, there are special designs by Campana. One is a shiny Cocoon covered in mirrors. The other is a shiny Bomboca with lots of polished mirrors.

These beautiful designs from Louis Vuitton bring art and function together. They make homes more special and show the creativity of designers from around the world.