Louis Vuitton Transforms Saint Tropez Dining Experience with Acclaimed Michelin-Starred Chefs Arnaud Donckele & Maxime Frédéric

In the height of summer, renowned luxury fashion Maison, Louis Vuitton, is set to elevate the culinary scene in Saint Tropez with the addition of two exceptional Michelin-starred chefs, Arnaud Donckele and Maxime Frédéric, at the White 1921 Hotel. They both are not only culinary colleagues, but true friends, their shared passion for flavor, simplicity, and authenticity makes them the perfect duo to curate a gourmet journey inspired by the local terroir.

Located between the Vieux Port and the Place des Lices, Donckele, and Frédéric have masterfully crafted a menu brimming with Mediterranean flavors, exuding a welcoming, elegant, and laid-back spirit — a symbol of their unwavering friendship and Louis Vuitton’s appreciation of the summer lifestyle.

The gastronomic adventure begins at 3 pm with a delectable assortment of sweet treats, featuring desserts, Louis Vuitton’s signature chocolate bars, and the iconic tarte tropézienne. The soft brioche, delicately infused with orange blossom and adorned with the Louis Vuitton Monogram motif, perfectly complements the refreshing scoop of sorbet, while the Dolce Vita cup offers a unique blend of three unsweetened ice creams.

As the day transitions to dinner, guests are invited to savor a streamlined menu meticulously crafted from the finest regional ingredients. They can go on a voyage of exceptional umami tastes by savouring Camargue rice-made sushi and mouthwatering ceviche made with sea bream and John Dory that were caught locally and sustainably.

The spotlight remains on the entire region, showcasing delicacies such as mackerel, sardines, Genoese gamberoni (caramote prawns), artichokes, aubergines, hazelnuts, and beefsteak tomatoes, all grown by Provençal market gardeners. To maintain the artisanal brilliance of the Louis Vuitton tradition, each dish is produced with simplicity and perfection.

The ambiance of the restaurant is a reflection of the world of Louis Vuitton, adorned with Maison’s iconic blue-and-white tile pattern from the new “By The Pool” resort collection. The use of stone, wood, and ceramic elements creates a natural and inviting atmosphere, further enhanced by pieces from the Objets Nomades collection, including the Zanellato/Bortotto Lanterns and the Origami Flowers by Atelier oï.

The Louis Vuitton dining experience at Saint Tropez’s White 1921 Hotel promises to be an enchanting celebration of Mediterranean flavors, elegance, and craftsmanship. With the culinary genius of Arnaud Donckele and Maxime Frédéric, coupled with the unmistakable touch of Louis Vuitton’s aesthetic, guests are assured of embarking on a gastronomic journey unlike any other in the charming coastal village of Saint Tropez.