Louis Vuitton Unveils the Resurgent LV Remix Collection

Louis Vuitton introduces the LV Remix, an avant-garde collection that breathes new life into its beloved Monogram styles, ushering in a contemporary aesthetic for discerning fashion enthusiasts. This curated collection pays homage to iconic classics while infusing a modern sensibility, specifically revisiting the revered Denim and Vernis lines from the early 2000s. 

Spanning a diverse array of leather goods, footwear, and accessories, the LV Remix is artfully presented through a digital campaign featuring esteemed Friends of the House: the Yakuza, Shay Mitchell, and Nana Ouyang & Phoebe Dynevor, Lous, the Yakuza, Shay Mitchell, and Nana Ouyang.

At the heart of the collection are reimagined renditions of the iconic Croissant bag from 2002, available in two versatile sizes adaptable for crossbody, shoulder, or hand-held wear. The Twist and Capucines lines receive exciting updates, such as the elongated Capucines East-West, the Twist West, and the compact Twist Little, catering to seamless transitions from day to night.

Monogram Denim takes center stage in the footwear selection, showcasing the Nina Ballerina, Archlight slingback, and the Helios Espadrille line, offering both wedge and flat sandals along with a classic espadrille design. The sneaker lineup, including the Neo Run Away and Time Out, showcases the intricate details of Monogram Denim or Monogram Vernis in soft, pastel hues.

Playful yet adaptable accessories define the LV Remix collection, featuring a thin belt, a cap, a bucket hat, and the My Daily Denim shawl boasting a vintage jacquard finish, all crafted in Monogram Denim. Completing the ensemble are miniature iterations of Louis Vuitton’s iconic bags, such as the Noé and Speedy in Monogram Denim canvas, and the Micro Alma in vibrant patent leather hues. This collection not only pays tribute to the brand’s illustrious legacy but also underscores its unwavering commitment to innovation in the realm of luxury fashion.