LOUIS XIII, Chef Todd English, and Enclave & Key come together to Commemorate NFL Star Austin Ekeler

For the average NFL star, the off-season is typically the time players will enjoy vacations, recovery, and other hobbies they have individually. Then, there’s Austin Ekeler. With a hunger to provide value to his fanbase, Ekeler launched the Eksperience app that allows fans access to a menu of ways to engage with their favorite athletes and celebrities. With the launch of Eksperience, coming off of the second straight NFL season in which Ekeler led the NFL in touchdowns, the evening’s celebration of the March cover star was filled with amazing food, conversation, and LOUIS XIII.

LOUIS XIII is an exquisite blend of eaux-de-vie made using grapes grown in Grande Champagne, slowly aged in old Limousin tierçons.

Located inside Olives at the Virgin Hotel, Las Vegas Food & Wine Chef of the Year, Todd English, prepared a five course menu for the celebratory dinner for 50. With dishes ranging from lobster spaghettini and chicken marsala to beef carpaccio and hanger steak, this was an elevated dining experience enjoyed by all.

From left to right; Rose Fung, Jay Fung, Austin Ekeler, June Hong, Andrea Hong

With the theme of the evening being a celebration of legacy, a proper LOUIS XIII toast was conducted inviting each guest to a sensory and thought-provoking experience of what it means to have “100 years in a glass”. The energy in the room of new friendships being formed was palpable throughout the evening. As each guest clinked their Baccarat crystal glasses with one another, a beautiful harmonious ring resonated throughout the venue wowing all and providing a spectacular end to the perfect evening.

From left to right (holding their parting gift bags); Brandon Marshall, Kenyan Drake, Marqise Lee

Upon exiting the event, each guest was handed a parting gift bag consisting of different goodies including a shoe-cleaning kit courtesy of Pink Miracle. Known as “The Original Shoe Cleaner”, Pink Miracle specializes in creating solutions that remove the toughest of dirt, stains, and grime while remaining gentle on your original shoes’ fabric. Founded in 1985, Pink Miracle has remained the number one cleaning solution for sneakers & shoes alike providing the perfect red bow to a night filled with sneaker lovers & enthusiasts.

Enclave & Key is known for their always unique experiences, but it is about more than that for CEO, Blake Wynn. “Being a part of the Enclave is something we want our guests to truly feel, so when a night like this is pulled off by our team and our partners, it is an honor and privilege to gather a room of such amazing people together that we get to call friends.” Surrounded by friends and family, Ekeler’s success on and off the field was applauded by all, and you can view the full cover story here.

All smiles as LOUIS XIII’s Las Vegas City Director, Guillaume Vallet, and Enclave & Key’s CEO, Blake Wynn, cheers alongside Chef Todd English