Luxury in Paradise: How To Enjoy A Luxurious Road Trip in Oahu

Photo by Clément PIERSON on Unsplash

If you want to experience luxury in Hawaii, then you should book a trip to Oahu. The Hawaii Tourism Authority reports that more than 3 million tourists flew to Oahu and spent billions of dollars on the island in 2021 due to its breathtaking and fun destinations. In fact, some of the top ten points of interest that tourists visited in Oahu included the four- and five-star resorts in Ko Olina, as well as the high-end shops along Kalakaua Avenue.

However, Oahu offers more than just these ten popular points of interest. To enjoy the best that the island has to offer, you can plan a luxurious road trip through the following tips:

Choose a comfortable vehicle for your vacation

You will enjoy driving around Oahu for hours, especially if you’re touring around the island using a comfortable car.

The good news is that there are plenty of luxury car models in Hawaii. Tesla is the most popular luxury car brand in Hawaii, followed by BMW, Mercedes, and Lexus. Tesla also enjoyed the second-largest increase in vehicle registrations in Hawaii, which is why there are plenty of Tesla Model S, 3, X, and Y cars that you can rent in Oahu. Renting a Tesla car will not just make your trip comfortable, but it can also help reduce the environmental impact of your trip around the island.

Consider the logistics of driving around Oahu

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A comfortable car can already make your road trip feel luxurious. However, you can take it to the next level by planning ahead of time for a smoother drive.

While driving is easy on the island, you need to plan your Oahu road trip ahead of time because of the different routes you can take and the crowds of tourists in the area. You can opt to follow the route of the Oahu Circle Drive, which allows you to go from Waikiki to the North Shore. This scenic drive can take as long as four to eight hours, especially if you go during less crowded months like April to June and September to December.

Map out the luxurious destinations for your trip

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It’s better to plan your route in advance because this will help you identify the luxurious destinations you can visit during your road trip.

The Oahu Circle Drive is a good choice for luxury travelers due to the exquisite experiences that you can try along the way. For instance, you can drop by Beach Enclave on North Shore, a premier location for kiteboarding or sailing. You can also stop by the Turtle Bay Resort to enjoy a fine dining experience in their signature restaurant, Alaia.

Relax at a beautiful resort at the end of the day

What’s more luxurious than giving yourself a treat after a long drive?

You can book your stay at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort, which is a suitable option for families. The beach resort has a water slide and a lagoon for your kids, while you can enjoy a relaxing massage in their Mandara Spa. You can also stay in the iconic Royal Hawaiian, where you can indulge in Hawaiian Regional Cuisine or simply unwind by the beach. You can even have a taste of history by staying in their Historic Wing or opt for the royal treatment in their Prestige Suites.

As this article shows, you can enjoy luxurious experiences in Oahu through a road trip. After your trip to Oahu, you can drop by Maui to book at the Four Seasons Resorts. This resort offers access to one of Maui’s best beaches, making it an ideal stop after your Oahu road trip.