Luxury Lifestyle Awards Crowns NATC Jewels as Europe’s Top Jewelry Brand for 2021

It is with great pleasure that Luxury Lifestyle Awards announces NATC Jewels as winner in the category Best Luxury Jewelry Brand in Europe in recognition of its fashion-forward take on bespoke luxury accessories. This Cyprus-based jewelry and interior design brand has established itself as a credible designer of creative and contemporary jewels, bags and swimwear for the everyday woman looking to elevate her look.

NATC Jewels - The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine
Natasa Christodoulou

NATC Jewels was established by acclaimed jewelry and interior designer Natasa Christodoulou in 2011. Over the years, Christodoulou – who is also the creative director of the brand –  has worked to win the favor of her fellow countrywomen, which she has done successfully by appealing to her audience’s desire for affordable one-of-a-kind items that complement each buyer’s individual qualities. In fact, Christodoulou has done so well in her home country that she has since taken NATC Jewels international, where she is making her mark in countries such as Italy and Switzerland. 

From a young age, Natasa was fascinated by glamorous style, and she always wanted to be a step ahead with the latest fashion trends. This explains the success that NATC Jewels has achieved. For its female customer base, NATC Jewels is the go-to brand for innovative and sophisticated items. Her Winter ’21 haute couture jewels collection is a bold body of work that resonates with the modern-day woman committed to making her mark.

NATC Jewelry

Everything that the brand does is based on Christodoulou’s mission “to present luxury and limited series accessories at affordable prices”. To this, the NATC Jewels team takes care to use quality materials in the making of their products, and the commitment to paying the highest level of design to every creation.

On the announcement of NATC Jewels’ award, Christodoulou commented: “This is very fantastic news from Luxury Lifestyle Awards. Thank you for this wonderful award and for identifying our work as quality. We are proud of all we have achieved; this award gives us the inspiration we need to continue and do more for our valuable clients who support us so well”.

The NATC brand also has a home décor and interior design arm that focuses on luxury interiors for both residential and commercial. The studio is known for its highly personalized approach to client projects and its use of high-end finishes and sophisticated styling to complete these. Previous commercial clients of the studio include Reviv Cyprus and AKOI Hearing Centre as well as Cyprian branches of international fashion brands such as Timberland, Lee and Camper.