Mandarin Oriental Unveils Plans for Three New Resorts in Japan’s Stunning Coastal Enclave

The prestigious luxury hotel brand is embarking on an ambitious venture, not merely one but three distinctive resorts set in Setouchi, a captivating coastal region within Japan’s southern archipelago. All three properties, bearing the mark of Mandarin Oriental under the name Mandarin Oriental, Setouchi, are scheduled to debut between 2027 and 2030.

These resorts will epitomize the opulent amenities and bespoke experiences synonymous with the Mandarin Oriental brand. Japanese artisans have been engaged to craft the designs, incorporating age-old techniques to pay homage to the destination’s rich traditions and historical legacy.

Each of these resorts promises a unique and tailored experience. In 2027, an urban resort boasting 92 rooms will grace the harbor of Takamatsu, the capital city of the Kagawa district. This area serves as the “gateway to Setouchi,” according to the brand. Offering breathtaking sea vistas, the property will encompass restaurants, bars, a spa, and a wellness facility.

In contrast, another outpost comprising 22 rooms will nestle in Naoshima, an island town nestled in Japan’s Seto Island Sea, providing a more intimate ambiance. Embracing a contemporary Japanese ryokan design, this resort will be situated in a picturesque fishing village with a history dating back over 800 years to the Miyake clan, a Samurai kin group. The ryokan-style guest suites and villas, inspired by traditional Japanese inns, will be housed within the main building and three village houses, many featuring private terraces and gardens. This boutique-sized property is also set to open in 2027.

The third property, expected to open its doors in 2030 on a separate island, will comprise 50 guest rooms and immersive wellness experiences. Further details regarding its offerings are yet to be disclosed by the brand. Moreover, guests will have the opportunity to explore all three resorts through a private yacht tour specially designed by the hotel brand. This groundbreaking concept by Mandarin Oriental aims to enable visitors to immerse themselves in the region’s unique attractions while relishing its temperate coastal climate. As the brand advocates, Japan offers more than just the vibrant cityscape of Tokyo.