Maserati Reveals the World’s Fastest EV Convertible: The Folgore

The renowned Italian automaker has recently introduced the Folgore variant of its open-top grand tourer, powered entirely by batteries. This latest addition not only graces the GranCabrio lineup but also claims the title of the fastest electric convertible to date.

The anticipation for the electric vehicle began in the fall of 2022, preceding the unveiling of the latest gas-powered version of the convertible just last month. Derived from the hard-top GranTurismo, specifically its Folgore edition, this electric coupé shares a more sculpted silhouette with its ICE counterparts, adorned with distinct Folgore badging and devoid of exhaust pipes. Inside, the luxurious cabin accommodates four occupants with 18-way adjustable seats in the front, featuring built-in neck warmers. While leather upholstery is available as an upgrade, the standard Econyl material, crafted from recycled nylon, exudes a premium look and feel. The soft top can be effortlessly opened or closed at speeds of up to 31 mph and neatly stows away in the trunk to preserve cargo space.

Setting the Folgore apart from the rest of the GranCabrio range is its powertrain. Harnessing the same 800-volt architecture as the GranTurismo Folgore, the convertible boasts three electric motors— one upfront and two at the rear— generating a combined output of 751 hp. For those craving more power, a temporary “MaxBoost” mode elevates the total output to 818 horses, as per Car and Driver. These figures significantly surpass the 542 hp delivered by the twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V-6 engine of the GranCabrio Trofeo.

While Maserati’s official release remains silent on performance metrics, The Drive reports impressive acceleration figures: 0 to 60 mph in 2.8 seconds, 0 to 120 mph in nine seconds, and a top speed of 181 mph. This last figure comfortably secures the EV’s position as the fastest electric convertible globally.

Powering the convertible are electric motors fueled by an 83.0-kWh T-shaped battery pack. Maserati estimates a range of 273 miles for the EV, although this figure likely stems from Europe’s more lenient WLTP test cycle. With a DC fast charger, battery capacity can be replenished from 20 to 80 percent in just 20 minutes. However, it’s anticipated that most GranCabrio Folgore owners will opt for weekend drives rather than long-distance journeys.

With the arrival of the convertible, drivers now have three Folgore EVs to choose from, alongside the battery-powered GranTurismo and Grecale SUV (and an electric powerboat named the Tridente). Although Maserati has not disclosed the GranCabrio Folgore’s sales commencement, it’s speculated to hit the market before year-end as a 2025 model. While pricing details are yet to be unveiled, expectations suggest a figure significantly surpassing the 2024 GranCabrio Trofeo’s starting price of $189,900.