Mercedes Benz Gives Us A Glimpse Into The Future With The Mercedes Vision AVTR

Mercedes Benz Vision AVTR Concept Car - The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

Mercedes always pushes the boundaries when it comes to design and innovation, and their new concept car is no exception. Revealed earlier this year, the new Mercedes Vision AVTR is an incredible breakthrough in combined design, functionality, sustainability, and technology.

Mercedes Vision AVTR Concept Car - The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine
Mercedes Vision AVTR Front - The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

The Mercedes Vision AVTR is very clearly “inspired by the future” as Mercedes puts it – with an exterior build resembling a hybrid of a space pod and a traditional car. While Mercedes signature illuminated emblem embellishes the from of the Vision AVTR, the entire design and build of the vehicle is far from ordinary.

The Mercedes Vision AVTR features four near-wheel-built electric motors, with a combined power of more than 350 kW, setting a new benchmark for EQ Power. Further, thanks to the intelligent and fully variable torque distribution, the power of the four fully individually controllable motors allows for sideways movements at approximately 30 degrees. You can think of this as a crab-like movement, giving the Vision AVTR incredible agility on the road, complimented by the reptile-like scales adorning the back shield of the vehicle.

As far as sustainability goes, the Vision AVTR is likely the most sustainable vehicle created to date. The revolutionary battery technology is based on graphene-based organic cell chemistry, which completely eliminates rare, toxic and expensive earths such as metals. Due to the materiality, the battery is 100% recyclable which is an absolute revolution. It’s exceptionally fast charging capability allows for a full recharge in less than 15 minutes. With a capacity of around 110 kWh, the VISION AVTR enables an electric range of more than 700 kilometres.

Consumer experience is always an important focus of Mercedes, which merges the interior and exterior of the Vision AVTR creating a dynamically designed luxury saloon. Mercedes has managed to develop an immersive experience space in which passengers connect with each other, with the vehicle and the surrounding area in a unique way.

Sustainable materials are at the forefront of the Vision AVTR build. Large areas such as the back shell of the seat and the sky are decorated with a color-changing fabric inspired by the color world of the sea. Depending on the light, the textile changes its color from dark blue to a subtle light blue. These seats are refined by the vegan DINAMICA® leather. DINAMICA® is the first and only microfibre that guarantees environmental sustainability throughout the entire production cycle. It is recycled material made from old clothing, flags and PET plastic bottles.

Mercedes Vision AVTR Interior - The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

The VISION AVTR revolutionizes interactive capability between the passenger, environment,and the car. This is best described by Mercedes as “The first interaction in the interior between man and vehicle happens completely intuitively via the control unit: by placing the hand on the centre console, the interior comes to life and the vehicle recognizes the driver by his breathing. This is made visible on the instrument panel and on the user’s hand. The VISION AVTR thus establishes a biometric connection with the driver and increases his awareness of the environment. The digital neurons flow from the interior into the exterior and visualize the flow of energy and information. For example, when driving, the neurons flow over the outside of the vehicle. When changing direction, the energy flows to the corresponding side of the vehicle.”

“The visual connection between passengers and the outside world is created by the curved display module, which replaces a conventional dashboard. The outside world around the vehicle and the surrounding area is shown in real-time 3D graphics and at the same time shows what is happening on the road in front of the vehicle. Combined with energy lines, these detailed real-time images bring the interior to life and allow passengers to discover and interact with the environment in a natural way with different views of the outside world. Three wonders of nature – the Huangshan Mountains of China, the 115-metre-high Hyperion Tree found in the United States and the pink salt Lake Hillier from Australia – can be explored in detail. Passengers become aware of various forces of nature that are not normally visible to the human eye, such as magnetic fields, bioenergy or ultraviolet light.”

Mercedes Vision AVTR
Mercedes Vision AVTR
Mercedes Vision AVTR
Mercedes Vision AVTR

Courtesy of Mercedes Benz