Mercedes-Benz Unveils Vision One-Eleven: A Futuristic Electric Hypercar Concept Inspired by the Iconic C-111 Supercar

Mercedes-Benz has unveiled the Vision One-Eleven, a futuristic electric hypercar concept that pays homage to the iconic C-111 supercar from the late 1960s and early 1970s. The original C-111 was a groundbreaking vehicle that showcased advanced powertrain technologies and set performance records. However, it never made it into production due to various challenges. Now, Mercedes has reimagined the C-111 with the Vision One-Eleven, a study in design and emerging supercar technology.

The Vision One-Eleven features a sleek, one-bow design that is characteristic of modern Mercedes vehicles. Unlike the wedge-shaped profile of the original C-111, this concept emphasizes a single graceful line that extends from the hood to the tail. The front and rear of the car incorporate pixelated digital displays in an elongated oval shape reminiscent of the original C-111. These displays can also show animated messages, adding a contemporary touch to the design. The car’s massive front windscreen is reminiscent of other iconic vehicles from the same era.

The interior of the Vision One-Eleven is bright and airy, with white and silver leather upholstery, orange accents, and chrome elements. The low, reclined seating position and oval-shaped pixelated display create a lounge-like atmosphere. The car also features a spacious luggage compartment behind the seats, inspired by the classic Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing.

While the Vision One-Eleven is a design study, Mercedes-Benz emphasizes that it also serves as a testing ground for new powertrain technologies. The car incorporates smaller and lighter electric motors developed by YASA, a company recently acquired by Mercedes. The technology and learnings from the Vision One-Eleven will influence future high-performance AMG models. Mercedes aims to combine the car’s striking design with cutting-edge technology.

The Vision One-Eleven aligns with Mercedes-Benz’s broader strategy of pushing boundaries in performance, luxury, and technology. The company aims to develop its own operating system for future vehicles and is exploring both electric and internal combustion engine (ICE) technologies. While total electrification is expected in the future, Mercedes believes that ICE engines will continue to play a role in the hypercar world for some time. The company envisions a transitional period where both electric and ICE cars coexist before eventually converging.