Mercedes Set to Debut Its Opulent Mythos Series with a Roadster

The renowned German automaker is gearing up to introduce an ultra-luxurious collection known as the Mythos Series next year, reports Autoblog. While specifics are few and far between, indications are that its inaugural offering will be an extravagantly lavish SL Speedster.

The Mythos Series isn’t a completely new revelation. Mercedes’ design chief, Gordon Wagener, first hinted at the series in the summer of 2022 during a presentation titled “The Economics of Desire.” In a recent 2023 fiscal year overview, the firm reiterated its commitment to launching the Mythos Series, announcing that the first vehicle is slated for unveiling next year. It was also disclosed that the series would consist of limited-edition models aimed at Mercedes’ most ardent fans and collectors.

Though an official unveiling has yet to occur, a teaser during Wagener’s initial reveal hinted that the premier Mythos model might draw inspiration from the new AMG SL. This rendition of the sports car by the performance-focused sub-brand features a convertible top, but the teaser image included design elements like nacelles behind the two seats, suggesting a possible design without any top. The only certainty is that the Mythos version will represent the pinnacle of SL luxury, surpassing even the Maybach SL that is currently in development.

Anticipating the pricing of this exclusive convertible, it’s safe to assume it will be a high-ticket item. The starting price for the base AMG SL is set at $109,000, with the top-tier SL 63 model reaching up to $183,000. Given that the forthcoming Maybach SL is expected to kick off at above $200,000, as per, the Mythos SL will likely command an even heftier price tag, possibly by a considerable margin.

Beyond the Mythos Series, Mercedes enthusiasts have several other luxury ventures to look forward to, Autoblog mentions. These include an expansion of the Manufaktur personalization service, a partnership with the Italian luxury brand Moncler, and a special Maybach edition conceptualized by the late fashion icon Virgil Abloh, who collaborated with Mercedes on various projects before his passing in late 2021.