Michelin Unveils 2023 Guide: 188 Starred Restaurants in UK and Ireland with Record 23 New Winners

Michelin updated its guide for the year 2023, marking a total of 188 starred best restaurants across UK and Ireland. These restaurants have secured their top-notch position as fine-dine heaven. The UK list includes 160 one-star restaurants, 20 two-star restaurants, and eight three-star restaurants. On the other side, Ireland’s Guide includes 15 one-star restaurants and five two-star.

These awards were presented at what is called ‘the home of the British Grand Prix’, i.e., at Silverstone Racetrack. This year we saw a record 23 restaurants being awarded Michelin star either for the very first time or as an upgrade.

The city of London has topped the chart with the highest number of Michelin stars in the UK. Alex Dilling’s The Hotel Cafe Royal was awarded two stars, despite being open barely six months ago. He said in an interview: “My dream, together with my incredibly talented team, has been to become one of the most ambitious restaurants in the country, and one where our guests feel at home and to which they love to return. We are beyond proud of this very special two-star honor from Michelin.”

Image source – Guide Michelin

The Michelin stars also want the restaurants and their chefs to aim towards becoming more eco-friendly. Thus, it also has a category of the green star. The Michelin star meal awards are regarded as the epitome of culinary excellence, the Oscars of Food. This rating was introduced by  The Michelin Guide, which was initially developed to assist the drivers in finding lodging and dining choices while traveling. However, now, it has become the world’s most acclaimed restaurant ranking.

It is now regarded as the world’s leading expert on fine cuisine. A restaurant can be awarded up to three Michelin stars, each star denotes a greater degree of excellence in the fields of food quality, service, and ambience.

The Michelin Guide reviews and holds the power of granting and removing stars from its coveted restaurant list, which gets reviewed yearly. A total of 23 restaurants were awarded new Michelin stars this year. Out of this, 20 restaurants have been awarded their first Michelin star and three restaurants have been awarded the two-star rating.

Image source – Guide Michelin

Four restaurants were also awarded a Green star which is an award for eco-friendly and sustainable practices. 20 new restaurants across the UK were awarded a Michelin Bib Gourmand,  which highlights great quality at a great value. This award is named after Bibendum – the official name of the Michelin Man.

Since 1997 Michelin has been awarding the best value for money restaurants that offer a three-course meal at a reasonable price – the Bib Gourmand. The Michelin Guide is the ultimate Bible for foodies who are looking to dine out at some of the best restaurants in the country, if not the world.