Michter’s Releases Limited Edition Celebration Sour Mash Whiskey After Four-Year Hiatus

Michter’s, a renowned producer of American whiskey, has just dropped its first “Celebration Sour Mash Whiskey” in four years, and it’s a limited edition release that whiskey enthusiasts have been eagerly awaiting. This exclusive offering is a blend of bourbon and rye whiskeys, both of which were made using the sour mash process.

For those unfamiliar with the sour mash process, it’s a technique used in the production of bourbon and other American whiskeys that involves adding a portion of previously fermented mash (referred to as “sour mash”) to the new batch of mash. This helps to control the pH levels and ensure consistency in the fermentation process. The sour mash also imparts a distinct flavor profile to the whiskey, which is why Michter’s has chosen to use it in this special release.

Michter’s 2019 Celebration Sour Mash. Courtesy Photo

The Michter’s Celebration Sour Mash Whiskey is aged for a minimum of 10 years in charred new American oak barrels. This aging process imparts rich, complex flavors to the whiskey, with notes of caramel, vanilla, and spice. The whiskey is then bottled at 92 proof, giving it a robust and robust character.

2023 Michter’s Sour Mash Limited Release

This release is highly anticipated by whiskey enthusiasts and is expected to sell out quickly. It is available for purchase at select retailers and liquor stores, as well as on the Michter’s website. Due to its limited nature, this release is sold at premium prices.

The Michter’s Celebration Sour Mash Whiskey is a unique and exclusive release that showcases the complexity and depth that can be achieved through the sour mash process. It is a must-try for any whiskey lover. The whiskey has a rich amber color and a complex bouquet that includes aromas of caramel, vanilla, and spice. On the palate, it has a smooth and well-balanced flavor profile with notes of dark chocolate, caramel, and vanilla that are complemented by a hint of spice. The finish is long and warming, with a gentle sweetness that lingers on the tongue.

In conclusion, Michter’s Celebration Sour Mash Whiskey is a rare and limited release that showcases the distillery’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship. It’s a whiskey that is sure to please even the most discerning of whiskey connoisseurs. If you’re a fan of American whiskey or sour mash whiskey, then this is a release you won’t want to miss.