Midleton Very Rare Reveal Exceptional 40th Anniversary Irish Whiskey

While the luxury Irish whiskey category may be modest compared to its counterparts like single malt scotch or bourbon, one name stands out as a beacon of excellence: Midleton Very Rare. Produced at the renowned Midleton Distillery alongside the beloved Jameson, this high-end blended whiskey has just released its latest masterpiece, marking 40 years of unparalleled craftsmanship.

Nestled just outside Cork, the Midleton Distillery is renowned for its portfolio of iconic Irish whiskeys, including Powers, Redbreast, and Green Spot. Led by master distiller Kevin O’Gorman since 2020, Midleton Very Rare is an annual release crafted from a unique blend of grain and pot still whiskey. O’Gorman’s expertise shines through in the 2024 edition, with vibrant pear notes intermingling with hints of citrus, tropical fruit, raisin, vanilla, and cocoa, creating a symphony of flavors on the palate.

While tradition dictates aging Midleton Very Rare solely in ex-bourbon barrels, O’Gorman decided to embark on a new journey for the 40th Anniversary Ruby Edition. Selecting three distinct barrels overseen by previous master distillers, including Barry Crockett, the creator of Midleton Very Rare, O’Gorman introduced a novel finishing touch: nine months in a port cask. The result is a sensory delight, with aromas of cotton candy grapes, plum, and orange giving way to a palate of dusty oak, leather, chocolate, tobacco, dark fruit, cedar, and cherry, culminating in a lingering finish with hints of toasted oak and tannin. Bottled at cask strength of 53.1 percent ABV, this limited edition offering is a testament to Midleton’s commitment to innovation and excellence.

For those seeking the ultimate indulgence, the first bottle of the 40th Anniversary Ruby Edition will be available for bidding through BlockBar. Designed in collaboration with Cork-based Keanes Jewellers, this exclusive bottle features 18-carat gold accents and 32 rubies adorning the collar, offering a truly luxurious experience. Additional bottles of the Ruby Edition can be purchased from specialty retailers, priced at $20,000 each. Whether acquired through auction or retail, each bottle promises a journey of unparalleled taste and sophistication, embodying the essence of Midleton Very Rare’s legacy of excellence.