New Record For The Most liked Instagram Post of Lionel Messi from the World Cup, Beating Out The Famous Egg

Most Liked Instagram Post

By Tom Gerken, Technology reporter

With a picture of him lifting the World Cup, Lionel Messi has surpassed all other Instagram users in terms of most-liked posts. After his team beat France in a historic World Cup final on Sunday, the Argentinian star felt that winning the golden trophy alone was insufficient.

His subsequent social media post earned more than 61 million likes, breaking the previous record of 56.6 million likes held by the notorious picture of an egg. The World’s Largest Egg Fans are currently making jokes and celebrating another Messi victory on Instagram. The football icon is pictured in Messi’s record-breaking post celebrating his victory and lifting the trophy above his head while beaming with pride.

The caption stated: “World Champions are now! I can’t believe it—I fantasised about falling so frequently and desired it so much.” “I want to express my gratitude to my family, my supporters, and everyone who believed in us. We demonstrate once more that Argentinians can accomplish their goals when they fight together and as a united front.”

“The strength of this group, which stands above individuals, comes from the fact that they were all working toward the same dream, which was shared by all Argentinians. We succeeded!”

The egg post that held the previous record for the most liked Instagram post has now been overtaken by Lionel Messi. A single image of an uncracked egg was posted by an account back in January 2019 as part of an innovative social media experiment. The account aimed to surpass Kylie Jenner’s previous global record of 18 million likes on a tweet revealing her newborn Stormi.

While the egg did manage to beat Jenner’s record, garnering up to 56 million likes at the time, Messi’s World Cup victory post has already surpassed it. This is not Messi’s first global record; he has received recognition from Guinness World Records for a number of previous career achievements. These include the number of World Cup matches played (26), the number of Man of the Match honours (11), and more.

In addition to these records, Messi has the most male player appearances in World Cup tournaments with 5, and the most appearances as captain with 19. Additionally, he is the first player to contribute to a goal at five different World Cups. Messi has another record to add to his collection after the popularity of his most recent Instagram slideshow. He makes a shot and scores once more.