Pininfarina Unveils Futuristic Electric RV: Take a Peek Inside

California-based AC Future has introduced a cutting-edge electric RV concept dubbed the eTH, meticulously designed by renowned Italian design firm Pininfarina to ensure seamless operation even when miles away from a power source. This innovative vehicle is not only stylish but also expandable, offering ample space to accommodate the entire family on your next adventure.

While the eTH may not boast the speed of a sports car, its bold and muscular appearance echoes the design language seen in Pininfarina’s other iconic creations, ranging from trains to espresso machines. In its driving mode, the eTH exudes sophistication, resembling a sleek tour bus with sleek lines and expansive panoramic windows, albeit in a more compact form. Measuring a modest 20 feet from bumper to bumper, it falls within the size range of smaller models in the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van lineup.

However, it’s upon arrival at your destination that the eTH truly shines. Aptly named the Electric Transforming House, this RV stands tall at 11 feet, offering a spacious interior that surpasses that of the Sprinter. With the touch of a button, its side and rear walls expand outward, nearly doubling its living space to a generous 400 square feet.

Once fully expanded, the eTH boasts a luxurious interior featuring a well-appointed living room with a sizable dining table and plush sofa area, a fully equipped kitchen complete with modern appliances, a bathroom featuring a full-size shower, and a spacious and private master bedroom. The driver’s cockpit can seamlessly transform into a mobile office, providing a conducive workspace when needed. The customizable layout and elegant decor ensure a personalized and inviting environment for travelers.

Beyond aesthetics and space, the eTH prioritizes sustainability and functionality. While details about the electric platform remain undisclosed, AC Future and Pininfarina have revealed plans for a robust battery pack connected to a large roof-mounted solar panel array, generating ample green energy to power the vehicle and its luxurious amenities for an entire week. Additionally, the chassis is designed to accommodate a traditional internal combustion engine powertrain, offering versatility in power options.

Although currently a concept, AC Future is committed to bringing the eTH to life. With plans for a functional prototype by summer and production slated for next year, enthusiasts can stay updated by signing up on the company’s website. The eTH represents a bold step towards the future of sustainable and luxurious RV travel, blending innovation with style for an unparalleled experience on the road.