+POOL: A Revolutionary Floating Pool Set to Transform River Swimming in NYC

Floating Pool Set NYC

Exciting tidings for denizens of the metropolis and sojourners contemplating a visit to the urban expanse known as New York City – the municipality is on the verge of welcoming a pioneering aquatic edifice, christened +POOL, accompanied by a revolutionary aqueous filtration facility, both slated for inauguration in the year 2025. This avant-garde structure will be strategically positioned at the nexus of the East River.

Anticipated to undergo rigorous examination in the forthcoming summer of 2024, the levitating natatorium aspires to adhere to stringent health and safety protocols, with the prospect of public ingress in the subsequent annum, according to credible sources.

The +POOL, distinguished by its cruciform design, flaunts an expansive configuration catering to an array of aquatic enthusiasts. It encompasses four discernible reservoirs, tailored to accommodate children, sports enthusiasts, lap swimmers, and those seeking leisurely repose. Initially conceived as a floating aquatic facility equipped with advanced water-purification capabilities, it pledges to redefine the paradigm of riverine swimming experiences.

The progenitors of this visionary enterprise underscore their unwavering commitment to the “preservation, restoration, and conservation of natural aqueous bodies.” They ardently champion the cause of “water stewardship,” aspiring not only to impart high-caliber swimming instruction but also to disseminate environmental enlightenment among the denizens of New York, thereby fostering an ethos of inclusive accessibility to the contiguous water bodies.

In an official proclamation on the 5th of January, 2024, the Mayor of New York City, Eric Adams, extolled, “I take pride in collaborating with Governor Hochul to bring forth +POOL, an unparalleled and innovative aquatic facility, to the urban expanse of New York City. This initiative expands the horizons of aquatic engagement for all denizens of New York.” The collaborative announcement was made in conjunction with the Governor of New York, Kathy Hochul.

Anne Williams-Isom, the Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services, expressed sanguinity regarding the prospective contributions of the initiative. She envisages an augmentation of aquatic accessibility, rectification of equity disparities, and the demonstration of the affirmative influence stemming from a robust collaboration between the municipal and state authorities on the community and the milieu.

This ambitious venture germinated from the minds of the founders Archie Lee Coates IV, Jeff Franklin, Dong-Ping Wong, and Oana Stanescu, serving in the capacities of Project Advisor, Programs Advisor, and designers, respectively.