Presenting Fisker’s All-Electric Sports Car: Rōnin

The marque’s blueprints encompass a limited production run of a mere 999 units for its freshest innovation, named the Rōnin.

However, Fisker’s ambitions reach far beyond the realm of SUVs; they cast their aspirations towards more expansive horizons. The Rōnin is a soon-to-be-released, battery-powered sports car that tantalizingly pushes the boundaries of design.

While Fisker’s existing model, the Ocean, might easily be dismissed as yet another conventional crossover SUV, the Rōnin is poised to defy such pigeonholing. This “super GT convertible” exhibits a sinuously low-profile silhouette, reminiscent of the brand’s inaugural creation, the Karma hybrid, along with subtle curves reminiscent of the perpetually delayed second-generation Tesla Roadster.


Unique among convertibles, the Rōnin boasts a spacious cabin, capacious enough to accommodate five adults. As a result, it ushers in an unconventional door arrangement: twin full-sized butterfly doors adorning the front, complemented by a secondary set of more diminutive doors gracing the rear. This configuration not only adds to its charisma but also, when the retractable hard top is engaged, bestows upon it the appearance of an impeccably sleek sedan.

However, the Rōnin aspires to transcend the realm of mere aesthetics. While intricate details concerning its powertrain remain veiled in mystery, Fisker hints at a configuration potent enough to produce a staggering 1,000 horsepower. 

This amalgamation of power culminates in the ability to go from 0 to 60 mph in a mere two seconds, ultimately reaching a zenith of 171 mph. Yet, a more astonishing revelation emerges—the electric vehicle’s integrated battery is touted to encompass a range of 600 miles, a feat surpassing its industry peers, including the reigning champion, the Lucid Air, by a commendable 83 miles.


CEO Henrik Fisker elucidates, “Our ambition encompassed the creation of a timeless grand touring vehicle, skillfully re-engineered for the 21st century, meticulously designed to cater to enthusiasts who yearn to voyage from the sun-soaked streets of Los Angeles to the verdant landscapes of Napa Valley on a solitary charge, or to conquer the Autobahn at unwavering, exhilarating velocities, unburdened by battery constraints.”

Anticipated for a debut in the latter half of 2025, Fisker envisions the Rōnin gracing the roads. As the marque’s plan encompasses the production of an exclusive assemblage of 999 vehicles, each bears a price tag of $385,000. For those enticed by the prospect of aligning the Rōnin alongside the iconic Roadster, the option stands open to reserve your own specimen for a nominal sum of $2,000, with a further opportunity to secure a pair at a slightly elevated cost of $3,000.