Presenting the Bulgari Vision GT: A Remarkable Entry into Gran Turismo’s Prestigious Lineup

Bulgari Vision GT

Bulgari, the iconic Italian fashion house celebrated for its exquisite watches, jewelry, and fragrances, has made a dazzling debut in car design with the Bulgari Vision GT, crowned as the most opulent Gran Turismo vehicle to date.

During the recent World Series Finals, Gran Turismo enthusiasts were treated to the premiere of not one but two Vision Gran Turismo concepts slated for GT7. For the unfamiliar, the Vision GT program invites real car manufacturers’ designers to craft imaginative concept cars specifically for the Gran Turismo games. While most creations remain confined to the virtual realm, a notable exception is the McLaren Vision GT, later produced as the McLaren Solus GT.

Among these visionary cars, one emerges from Genesis, the prestigious luxury vehicle division of Hyundai. The second, however, debuts from an unexpected domain—the esteemed Italian fashion house Bulgari, recognized worldwide for its opulent timepieces, exquisite jewelry, and enchanting fragrances rather than automotive prowess.

Revealed to an enthralled audience at the sold-out World Series Finals in Barcelona, the Bulgari Vision GT represents the brand’s inaugural venture into car design, exhibited as a life-sized model.

Crafted in collaboration with Bulgari’s product creation executive director, Fabrizio Buonamassa Stigliani, and Italian car designer Fabio Filippini, the Bulgari Vision GT emerges as an open-roofed two-seater marvel.

Characterized by its striking aesthetics, the design encompasses a slender light strip at the front, a sleek low-profile body, and a retractable rear wing. Inside the cockpit, a magnificent Bulgari clock takes center stage on the dashboard, encircled by gauges inspired by Bulgari’s esteemed watch designs.

Weighing a mere 1,000 kg, the Bulgari Vision GT houses a mid-mounted inline-four-cylinder engine generating a robust 394hp, propelling power to the rear wheels as reported by OverTake.GG.

Expectedly, the Bulgari Vision GT won’t materialize for production purposes; however, selected players will have the thrilling opportunity to virtually maneuver this masterpiece in Gran Turismo 7. While Vision GT cars typically emerge through free updates in the Gran Turismo games, this exception stands as a standalone gem in this esteemed lineup.