Protecting Your Precious Collections: 5 Luxury Vaults to Keep Them Safe

During the beginning of the pandemic, some very rich people felt scared and thought the world might be ending. So they started building special rooms or underground shelters called panic rooms or bunkers. But now, things are getting back to normal and instead of hiding, people are focusing on protecting their valuable things like wine, art, or other important belongings. It’s not just banks that have vaults any more. Many people are building their own vaults or secure storage areas in their homes to feel safe. These spaces not only protect things from thieves but also provide a cool hiding spot. Robb Report has gathered a list of the most amazing in-home vaults, including ones with old doors from banks and modern-style vaults for wine bottles, as well as sleek round vault doors for anything you want to keep safe.

A Simple Basement Door to Safely Store Your Most Valuable Things

This fancy $20 million home on Summit Drive in Beverly Hills was built in 1924. It got a modern makeover in 2015 and now has a sleek and stylish interior. The house is really big, with 12,000 square feet of space, and offers a luxurious California lifestyle with privacy. It has awesome outdoor areas for parties and cool indoor features like a billiards room, a walk-in wine cellar, a theater, a gym, a hair salon, a massage room, and even a wall filled with candy!
But safety is important too. That’s why the house has a special private vault where you can keep your most valuable things. The vault has a strong antique door from York Safe & Lock Co. to make sure your belongings stay safe and protected.

Secure Room with a Bathroom and Refrigerator for Safety

This Park City, Utah home was made for people who want to be self-sufficient and live off the grid. Although it’s not available for sale anymore, it would be really useful if you ever felt unsafe. The house has a helipad, a 160-foot underground tunnel, three different power sources, propane tanks, and its own septic system. But the coolest feature is the vaulted safe room. It’s made of strong concrete and has a bathroom, a fridge, and a home security system to keep you safe.

A Bond-Like Vault for a Top-Tier Wine Collection

CellArt is a company that knows how to create beautiful and artistic ways to store wine. The founder, Jonathan Primeau, is really passionate about wine. They not only install stunning and creative wine cellars and storage spaces but also offer different concepts to inspire their customers to think big when it comes to wine storage. One of their concepts, called ‘Absolute Harmony,’ was designed by Primeau himself. It has a round vault-style entrance that leads to a perfectly maintained cellar with a controlled temperature. The design creates a moody atmosphere with dim lighting and luxurious wood textures, making it feel like something you’d see in a James Bond movie.

A Vault for Storing Art with High-Quality Museum Lighting

Interior designer Nicky Dobree, based in the U.K., used her creativity to design an amazing lower-level entertainment space for a client. The space includes a wine vault with brick-lined walls, creating a classic cellar atmosphere and keeping the wine at the ideal temperature. Additionally, there’s an art storage room with top-notch museum-quality lighting that beautifully highlights the client’s special art pieces. And that’s not all! The fun continues with an underground pool, although it’s not located behind a vault.

A Versatile Vault for Storing Anything and Everything

This private vault is unlike any other because it can house your entire home. It’s an underground bunker-style space that can be customized to your liking, from simple to extravagant. Oppidum, a Swiss company, is renowned for its intricate bespoke subterranean bunkers that impress even billionaires. They are also skilled in creating above-ground residences, catering to the desires of high-net-worth individuals. These high-design homes are situated in fortified underground facilities and offer a wide range of amenities such as gyms, illuminated patios, kitchens, dining rooms, wine cellars, and art museums. The best part is that you have complete control over who enters your entire house, ensuring privacy and security.