Range Rover Unveils First Electric Vehicle with Modernist All-Black Prototype Design

After extensive testing in Sweden’s Arctic, Range Rover has revealed its first electric vehicle (EV) and given a closer look at the initial prototype. The prototype’s all-black design showcases the high caliber of its manufacture while maintaining the brand’s recognizable aesthetic.

This first round of field testing comes after an extensive year of computer-aided design and component optimization to create the most advanced and silent Range Rover to yet. Testing of the vehicle takes place in some of the harshest climates on Earth, with temperatures ranging from -100°F in the Arctic Circle to 122°F in the deserts of the Middle East.

The Range Rover’s all-electric drivetrain, designed and built by Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), is the central component of this testing. This is the first time the brand has integrated these kinds of important technologies. The battery and Electric Drive Unit (EDU), which are intended to guarantee the vehicle operates dependably in adverse weather, are the main subjects of attention.

The sophisticated traction control system of the Range Rover Electric is a noteworthy innovation that sets it apart from conventional configurations. With the implementation of this innovative technology, torque reaction times at each wheel are significantly reduced from around 100 milliseconds to just 1 millisecond by assigning wheel slip management to each electric drive control unit. This makes it possible to operate like never before on slick or icy surfaces.

Furthermore, JLR has created proprietary software that optimizes wheel slip control and lessens reliance on anti-lock brake systems by adjusting the EDU speed. This improves grip on a variety of terrain and offers a responsive and elegant driving experience.

The Range Rover Electric, according to Executive Director of Product Engineering Thomas Mueller, will have all the customary brand niceties in addition to quiet, smooth electric performance.