RECAP: Louis Vuitton’s Mesmerizing Takeover of Zuma Mykonos

Louis Vuitton Zuma Mykonos

Embracing the spirit of ongoing summer, a captivating transformation awaits as the distinguished Louis Vuitton brand takes center stage at Zuma Mykonos, an iconic restaurant. This captivating takeover promises an enchanting experience for fashion enthusiasts, food aficionados, and sunseekers worldwide with a harmonious fusion of high fashion, culinary delight, and sun-soaked allure.

In order to make the event of the union (between one of the globe’s most renowned luxury brands and the island’s culinary excellence) memorable, a celebration complete takeover was hosted from August 1st through September 4th. 

The striking LV monogram graced an array of elements, spanning from poolside loungers to the pool’s waters. Iconic branding adorned sunbeds, towels, pillows, and accessories, all paying homage to Louis Vuitton’s exquisite By the Pool collection.

 Louis Vuitton Zuma Mykonos

A palette, intentionally chosen, is reminiscent of the azure ocean and pristine white, mirrors the hues of sun, sea, and sky, while also echoing Greece’s national colors. Nestled at Zuma Mykonos, the location is apt—a pool that overlooks the Aegean Sea, affording visitors an exceptional vantage point for absorbing the breathtaking island vistas.

Daytime beckoned with a poolside menu that draws inspiration from Japanese cuisine, elevating classic dishes to new heights. Delicacies like the lobster roll, wagyu tarte roll, and the irresistible Zuma cheesecake sundae, an amalgamation of guava sorbet, cream cheese ice cream, cashew nut crumble, and raspberry, tantalize the taste buds.

 Louis Vuitton Zuma Mykonos

As twilight descends, the expansive infinity pool undergoes a metamorphosis into a pulsating party hub, replete with a well-appointed bar and the beats of a resident DJ.

Notably, this collaboration between Zuma Mykonos and Louis Vuitton isn’t their inaugural endeavor. Earlier this summer, the two luxury powerhouses joined forces to grace the restaurant with two pop-up boutiques, further intertwining their refined aesthetics.