Regent Seven Seas Cruises Collaborates with Fabergé for an Extravagant European Voyage

Regent Seven Seas Cruises

While customers voiced their dissatisfaction over spending $8 for a dozen eggs last spring, Regent Seven Seas Cruises was diligently preparing for its groundbreaking Fabergé Spotlight Voyages. This marks the inaugural occasion in which a cruise company has joined forces with the renowned jeweler favored by royalty, celebrated for crafting ornate eggs valued higher than a Bentley. Remarkably, the mysterious owner of the $2.2 million Game of Thrones dragon egg was among the passengers on the inaugural Fabergé Spotlight Voyage in June.

The first 10-night schedule encompassed visits to Stockholm, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Tallinn, and London. During their London stop, travelers enjoyed an exclusive tour of Westminster Abbey, personally guided by Lady Penny Mountbatten. Additionally, passengers had the privilege of mingling with Ralph Heimans, the renowned royal portrait artist famous for his portrait of Queen Elizabeth II during her Diamond Jubilee. These exceptional encounters were made feasible through Fabergé’s strong ties with the royal family.

Andrea DeMarco, the President of Regent Seven Seas Cruises, is tight-lipped about the special privileges awaiting passengers on the upcoming Fabergé Spotlight Voyage, but rest assured, they will be equally exclusive.

“The collaboration with Fabergé is continually progressing, demonstrating Regent’s commitment to providing upscale travelers with distinctive, culturally enriching, and historically captivating experiences,” she informs Robb Report. The upcoming Fabergé Spotlight Voyage is set for July 1, 2024, departing from Rome aboard the Seven Seas Grandeur, the latest addition to Regent Seven Seas Cruises’ fleet, featuring all-suite accommodations and balconies. This 10-night Mediterranean journey will encompass visits to Salerno, Malta, Palma de Mallorca, and Provence, concluding in Monte Carlo.

The esteemed guest during the inaugural Fabergé Spotlight Voyage was Dr. Géza von Habsburg, Fabergé’s curatorial director. On days at sea, he graciously hosted complimentary Q&A sessions and shared the intriguing history of this renowned brand, which was established in 1842 by a French refugee in Russia.

For the VIP of the 2024 voyage, we have the honor of welcoming Sarah Fabergé, who not only serves as the ship’s godmother but also happens to be the great-granddaughter of Fabergé’s founder, Peter Carl Fabergé. During the journey, she will preside over master classes, offering insights into the craftsmanship of creating enamel jewelry. These enlightening sessions will take place in the ship’s exclusive Fabergé boutique, where a stunning array of pieces will be available for purchase. This boutique promises to be one of the most opulent shopping experiences at sea.

One item that will remain unavailable for purchase is the “Journey in Jewels.” This unique work of art, specially commissioned by Regent Seven Seas Cruises, will hold the distinction of being the first-ever Fabergé egg to have a permanent display on a cruise ship. It will be unveiled during the inaugural voyage of the Seven Seas Grandeur in November.

“‘Journey in Jewels’ will reach a height of approximately 18 centimeters, featuring a three-tiered base cleverly concealing the egg’s opening mechanism,” DeMarco revealed. “This marks the very first time that Fabergé has concealed the mechanism in this innovative manner.”

While Fabergé and Regent Seven Seas Cruises cannot disclose the precise value of the egg, possibly as a precaution against attracting undue attention, they have confirmed that it will be a part of a multimillion-dollar collection on board. So, why are Fabergé’s eggs renowned for their high cost? To begin with, their exclusivity sets them apart. Fabergé produces only 4,000 pieces annually, and crafting each piece can demand over 120 hours of meticulous work. Every item is painstakingly handcrafted, and aspiring artists or jewelry designers must undergo a rigorous 10 to 15 years of training before they can contribute to the brand’s creations.