RIMOWA and Tiffany Join Forces to Create Stunning Diamond-Inspired Luggage

Rimow x Tiffany

In a dazzling first-time collaboration, Rimowa has partnered with Tiffany & Co. to bring you a collection of luxurious travel gear that sparkles like Rihanna’s “Diamonds” playing in the background.

Tiffany and Rimowa have adorned their pieces, including the Cabin suitcase and jewelry case, with a radiant “Rock Cut” pattern reminiscent of diamond facets. This design pays homage to Tiffany’s iconic rock cut motif, known for its presence in their beloved glassware.

To add an extra touch of elegance, the collaboration features a subtle “T” inscription in the print, a nod to Tiffany’s renowned craftsmanship. The shimmering diamonds seamlessly blend with Rimowa’s signature aluminum grooves, creating luggage that can be likened to the Tiffany diamond of Rimowa’s collection.

Of course, a Tiffany collaboration wouldn’t be complete without the famous Tiffany Blue. Even Rimowa’s stylish Nikes get a touch of it.

The Tiffany x Rimowa suitcase incorporates hints of the iconic robin’s-egg blue through its leather trims, and the same elegant touch is applied to the jewelry case, but this time it graces the exterior.

When you open the jewelry case, you’re greeted with an entire interior dressed in the instantly-recognizable Tiffany Blue, turning the lining into a work of art.

Rimowa x Tiffany doesn’t stop there; it also offers a personal jewelry case. This compact jewelry holder, made from Rimowa’s traditional polycarbonate, features an exterior adorned entirely in Tiffany Blue, with a plush suede interior. Can there ever be too much Tiffany Blue?

The Rimowa x Tiffany branding is prominently displayed in bold black on the collaborative Jewelry Personal, while two Tiffany Blue leather straps securely enclose your cherished accessories, Tiffany style.

 Launched on September 26, the Rimowa x Tiffany collection was available on Rimowa’s website, select physical stores, Tiffany’s website, and at the Tiffany Landmark in NYC.

Rimowa continues to push the boundaries of luggage design, from exploring surreal desert landscapes with Palace to creating a bike case with Nigel Sylvester. And let’s not forget their incredible wine case, perfect for filling to the brim with bottles of fine wine.