Rossinavi Introduces Nolimits, A Groundbreaking Marine Brand Featuring Five Aluminum Yachts

The esteemed Italian yacht-building legacy, Rossinavi, known for its establishment in 1980, has recently unveiled a groundbreaking brand, Nolimits. This new venture targets an innovative market niche, blending the rugged allure of exploratory vessels with the opulence of superyachts into a fleet of five crossover yachts.

Crafted under the visionary design of Fulvio de Simoni, these yachts are constructed entirely of aluminum and span lengths from 98 to 148 feet (30 to 45 meters). Embodying Italian craftsmanship, the construction of the fleet leverages the Rossi family’s four decades of expertise in creating bespoke maritime vessels.

Federico Rossi, Rossinavi’s COO, expressed, “With our rich heritage in crafting yachts ranging from 500 to over 2,000 GT, we’re now extending our technical and design expertise to the 30 to 45-meter yacht category. These vessels are designed for extensive voyaging and prolonged offshore stays, without compromising the luxury and functionality synonymous with the superyacht class.”

The debut Nolimits collection includes the NL30 at 98 feet, the NL37 and NL37+ at 121 feet, and the NL45 and NL45+ at 148 feet. The “plus” models introduce a distinctive raised pilothouse, enhancing the upper deck layout — the NL37+ features an indoor skylounge offering panoramic views, whereas the NL45+ boasts a VIP cabin with an exclusive deck.

Key to the fleet’s design is the incorporation of broad hulls, enhancing both stability and interior spaciousness. Each yacht promises ample accommodations for guests and crew alike, ensuring comfort during extensive sea journeys. Large panoramic windows and sizeable sundecks are designed to foster a connection with the marine environment. These sundecks come equipped with amenities like pools, bars, BBQs, and sunbeds, complemented by windbreakers for elemental protection.

Performance-wise, the Nolimits yachts are fitted with robust engines and generators, a dual stabilization system for seamless navigation, and twin independent rudders for superior handling. The yachts boast significant fuel capacity for transatlantic ventures, advanced noise reduction technology, and an efficient A/C system capable of 150 percent output for rapid cooling.

Designed with chartering in mind, each yacht in the fleet meets the necessary certifications for navigation through strategic passages like the Panama and Suez Canals, making the Nolimits fleet truly without bounds.