Salon as a Destination: Why Knots & Dye in Marylebone, London Garners the Attention of Many from All over Europe, and West Africa

There are many reasons why one would go to a salon, but to travel great distances to go to a particular one is quite a notable feat. Nohad Da Silva’s Knots & Dye has achieved this in just six years, and people from multiple countries treat the place as their ultimate haircare destination. The reason is simple: people get more than what they pay for.

While it’s undeniable that Knots & Dye’s clients leave the salon with stunning results, they stay (and keep coming back) for something entirely different. “I want them not just to sit there and get their hair done. I want to create a safe space for them, where they can walk in and be themselves without feeling anxious,” shares Nohad. Any client could easily sit on Knots & Dye’s chair for hours. Providing their clients with great and heartfelt conversations, the team, through Nohad’s visionary leadership, truly makes the salon highly sought after.

Beyond Hairstyles and Hair Care

The salon industry is all about the glitz and glam in this day and age – top-of-the-line haircare products, marbled floors, and the number of high-class individuals they have served over the years. These are typical success indicators, but Nohad stands for something far more significant. 

The realization happened when Nohad witnessed clients from diverse ethnic backgrounds being turned away or subtly dismissed from salons due to their unique hair textures. She found the undercurrent of bias and prejudice in these actions cannot go unnoticed. For Nohad, it was not just about hair; it was a silent, insidious form of discrimination right at the heart of an industry that should be celebrating individuality and beauty in all its forms.

“I stand for all those who are shut out from society because of how they look, what they wear, and where they come from. I am standing for everyone, especially my queens from mixed backgrounds,” she says. In an industry riddled with media-driven beauty standards, Nohad and her team at Knots & Dye stand to showcase every single type of beauty from all ethnicities. “The way we see it, hair is hair. As a hairdresser, you should have an understanding of all hair types. Whether it’s European hair or Afro hair, the same results can be achieved.”

Changing the Typical Salon Experience

Most salon experiences can be overwhelming, with many types of services and treatments immediately being recommended without fully understanding what the client really wants. This is even more frustrating for those with ethnic hair. There have been far too many instances of women having to leave salons without being provided with proper explanations as to why their intended services cannot be done. This kind of typical salon experience is what Knots & Dye aims to change.

“Our clients are not just customers but valued members of our community,” shares Andrada, the salon’s Floor Managing Director. Nohad, Andrada, and the rest of Knots & Dye understand that discussing hair and beauty needs may be intimidating for some. For example, one might worry about expenses because they anticipate the staff recommending expensive services. Another example is that one might feel apprehensive about trying out an entirely different hairstyle or color. This is a fairly common thought process for most people, but Nohad has established her salon to give them the safe space they need.

“We make it our mission to break down walls and create a welcoming and non-intimidating environment, but not just for discussing your hair and beauty preferences. Need to talk about mental health and life’s challenges, or simply share what’s on your mind? We’re here to lend a caring ear. Your concerns are our concerns,” Nohad concludes.

In fact, they have established this well enough to garner reviews like:

“Nohad has not only given my confidence back, but she has helped massively with my alopecia. Also, the thing I love about her is that she doesn’t just treat you as a service. She treats you like family. She put herself out for you. She recommends products she believes would work for your hair type, most of which are none of the products she sells, so she does it from the heart. It’s not a profit-making decision, which I think is amazing.”

As Knots & Dye continues to lead the charge in changing how the salon industry works, their clients from all walks of life all over the world attest to how they redefine beauty – through the natural glow of one who looks great because they truly, undeniably feel great.