Sashin Govender Launches Social Media Marketing Company

Sashin Govender

Entrepreneur and social media guru, Sashin Govender has attained a life of fulfilment through the means of digital platforms and plans to expand the community with the launch of his new endeavor, a social media marketing company, Social Media Marketing RWS. 

Earning the titles of social media influencer, international speaker, sales coach and top earner, Govender paves the way in the ever-shifting digital marketplace. As an advocate for personal development, Govender believes firmly in the power of individual branding. 

Through his new platform, Govender aspires to give consumers the same opportunity for personal branding and social media growth, two components that he believes led to his personal success.  With over 1,300 clients utilizing the platform already, the site is on an upward trajectory. 

Social Media Marketing RWS operates a tested, proven and improved social media formula and allocates VIP managers to your personal account. With the system’s new algorithm, clients can utilize lead generation and targeted engagement, ultimately increasing revenue. 

The process is simple and includes three steps. Step 1, pick your package, keeping in mind that the more exclusive the package, the higher the proven results. Step 2, customize your audience by detailing your target market based on your specific needs. Step 3, track your growth with detailed monthly analytics of your account. 

Both individuals and companies can benefit from this platform by gaining authentic growth, increasing engagement and impressions, and getting their profile on the explore page. Packages include a Silver, Gold, Platinum and Influencer level, starting with the essentials needed for authentic growth, all the way to having a private editor for content creation and being added to an exclusive coaching group with Sashin Govender himself.

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