Saudi Arabia’s “The Line” Envisions A City of the Future

City of the Future

As we know, Saudi Arabia is one of the fastest-developing country’s in the world. The region is always striving to provide the best living conditions to their residents, which is precisely what they have in mind for their grand, upcoming project. City of the Future

“The Line” is a city that rises to the top as one of the world’s most ambitious architectural feats. This city is nothing less than impressive according to the specs, with a height of 500 meters (taller than the Empire State Building) covered in mirrored exterior walls, 200 meters wide, and a mind-blowing stretch of 170 Km from one end to the other. What’s most striking about a project like this, it has already undergone construction as of October 2022. Many ideas of this caliber seem way too out of reach to accomplish and stay as rumors; the only thing rumored about “The Line” is the approximate finish date, sometime in 2030. 

“The Line” plans to house about nine million people; that number is by far no measly population. Building a living space with such a unique outlay raises concern; however, the basic foundation of a regular city remains. Blocking off “The Line” section by section creates its suburbs; these segmented levels contain what you need in a neighborhood, such as schools, work, and homes, all within a five-minute walking distance. City of the Future

 You may ask yourself, “How do you even travel from one end to the other.” With the idea of building a simple yet sophisticated high-speed railway system, you can easily travel the 170 Km distance. The best part about “The Line” is how environmentally friendly it will be; with no cars or huge factories, the city is set out to achieve Zero carbon emissions and 100% renewable energy sources.