Showcasing the Future What to Expect from the Apple Watch X

With the Apple Watch’s tenth anniversary on the horizon, enthusiasts and tech aficionados are buzzing with excitement about the potential features and design elements that the speculated “Apple Watch X” might bring.

The journey of Apple’s smartwatches began in the spring of 2015, marking a significant leap in wearable technology. Over the years, Apple gradually refined its smartwatch offerings, introducing incremental improvements with each new generation. Recently, Apple expanded its lineup to include the rugged and robust Apple Watch Ultra, tailored for extreme environments.

The Apple Watch has maintained its popularity throughout its journey, with its tenth anniversary fast approaching. Speculation is rife that Apple might seize this milestone moment to unveil an extraordinary anniversary model—the Apple Watch X.

The stage is set for the Apple Watch X to potentially debut as the tenth generation of Apple’s smartwatch series. While the Series 9 is set to launch this year, the following year holds promise for the Apple Watch X’s grand entrance.

Renowned analyst Mark Gurman from Bloomberg has fueled these speculations, hinting at Apple’s plans for a substantial redesign to commemorate the watch’s decade of existence. Thinning down the watch’s case seems to be one of the primary design objectives for the Apple Watch X, however, more details about the model are not disclosed yet.

Apple Watch X

One of the most intriguing rumors surrounding the expected latest Apple Watch involves the incorporation of microLED display technology. Speculations suggest that Apple is diligently working on perfecting this advanced display technology, with a projected launch in 2025—a fitting alignment with the expected arrival of the Apple Watch X.

MicroLED technology holds the potential to revolutionize display quality, offering enhanced brightness, energy efficiency, and vividness compared to conventional display technologies. If these rumors hold true, the Apple Watch X’s display could deliver an unprecedented visual experience.