Six Senses AlUla Set to Debut in the Saudi Arabian Desert

Scheduled to welcome guests in 2027, Six Senses is preparing for the grand opening of Six Senses AlUla, a novel resort nestled in the heart of the Saudi Arabian desert. This upcoming venture marks the second Six Senses establishment within Saudi Arabia and is a collaborative effort with AUla Development Company, under the ownership of the Kingdom’s Public Investment Fund.

Situated adjacent to a natural oasis, Six Senses AlUla will boast as its backdrop the captivating landscape of AlUla, recognized as Saudi Arabia’s inaugural UNESCO World Heritage site.

Neil Jacobs, CEO of Six Senses, expressed enthusiasm about the endeavor, stating, “Actualizing the splendor and significance of a location steeped in unparalleled historical and cultural importance presents an extraordinary opportunity.”

Encompassing an expansive area of nearly 13 million square feet amid the stunning desert panorama, Six Senses AlUla has committed itself to conserving the cultural and architectural legacy of AlUla, which was once inhabited by the ancient Nabatean civilization.

Historically, AlUla served as a pivotal hub along the spice route, linking the eastern and western regions, while its natural oasis endowed it with substantial relevance and reverence.

Today, the remarkably preserved tombs and facades dating from the 1st century BC to the 1st century AD will be accessible to guests of Six Senses AlUla through meticulous preservation efforts and a designated pathway traversing millennia-old historical artifacts.

Jacobs further remarked, “It embodies unwavering sustainability, well-being, and hospitality that evoke profoundly emotional responses. It is indeed thrilling to contribute to the continuation of AlUla’s legacy.”

The establishment will offer 100 guest villas and 25 residences, providing an immersive experience steeped in the lore of this ancient realm, allowing guests to freely explore the wonders of the Arabian landscape and indulge in stargazing under the vivid desert night sky.

Activities designed to capitalize on this unique location include sunrise yoga, moon bathing, and an opportunity to partake in an Arabian wellness journey at the Six Senses Spa.

While the specifics of its gastronomic offerings are yet to be unveiled before the 2027 launch, Six Senses AlUla promises to showcase the finest cuisine and seasonal produce of the region, aligning with the group’s commitment to epicurean excellence through sustainable practices.

Fabien Toscano, CEO of AlUla Development Company, shared his excitement about the collaboration, stating, “We are thrilled to partner with Six Senses in introducing an unparalleled luxury destination in AlUla. This endeavor aligns with our dedication to enhancing hospitality offerings in AlUla and marks a significant step towards sustainable development, contributing to Saudi Arabia’s economic diversification and realization of Vision 2030.”