Sofia Richie Grainge Takes the Spotlight as the Face of David Yurman’s Sculpted Cable Collection

David Yurman just picked Sofia Richie Grainge to be the face of their new Sculpted Cable bracelet campaign and their newest worldwide ambassador. They took pictures of her in Joshua Tree, CA, for their Fall 2023 campaign. This time, they’re focusing on just one special collection. Sofia Richie Grainge perfectly fits the relaxed and cool style that David Yurman is known for. A famous fashion photographer named Glen Luchford took the photos, and they had a stylist named Elin Svahn and creative director Evan Yurman to make everything look great. The campaign shows off the fancy jewelry in a modern and creative way.

Sofia Richie Grainge said she really likes how David Yurman’s style matches her own. She wants to look timeless and elegant, and she thinks this campaign is all about being confident and leading your own way.

David Yurman made a new kind of design for their famous Cable collection called Sculpted Cable. It’s a bit different but still looks great. They worked hard to make each part of it look just right. It’s kind of wavy, like the original Cable design, but with a modern touch.

They made a special bracelet for this Sculpted Cable collection, and you can get it in different types of gold, like yellow, rose, and white. If you want to be even fancier, you can get one with lots of tiny diamonds on it. They spent a long time working on this design to make it look good and fresh.

One of the bracelets even has 170 tiny diamonds on it, making it look super glamorous. David Yurman’s experts carefully put these diamonds on the bracelet to make it shine.

Evan Yurman, the boss of the brand, said he’s very excited to work with Sofia because she’s a style icon. He thinks she’s the perfect person to show off their new Sculpted Cable designs, which are a new version of their famous Cable design. David Yurman keeps making cool designs while still remembering their tradition of making great jewelry.