Step Inside The Workshop With HLC Events, Solidifying Memories Through Archaic Craftsmanship

Live artistry is a timeless treasure that can’t be stamped, etched, or replicated, unless it’s a keepsake. HLC Events, an expansion of the Hellhound Leather Company, deals in professional memory making that far outshines market competitors, which are very few. Gavin and Jennifer Ambrose, co-founders of HLC Events, set out to supply authentic craftsmanship for special occasions in 2021, cutting into a service that’s rarely been explored professionally. Through their old-as-gold artistry, HLC Events elevates the hallmark moments in life by providing a tangible takeaway that spectators can watch from conception to final press, leaving your guests with a warm token of thanks that they’ll cherish for years to come. 

Based in Utah, just outside of Salt Lake City, the team behind HLC Events includes a roster of artisanal masters who excel in leather pressing, gold embossing, and glass etching and engraving, all of which are expertly driven through a passion for handmade goods. The early iterations of HLC Events began in 2018, with the inception of Hellhound Leather, the leading purveyor of leather goods in the region, sourcing their vegetable-tan leather from US tanneries. Riding on the success of this model, the Ambroses elected to expand their offerings and enter an arena where consumers could actively engage in the crafting process, pulling back the curtain and allowing for maximum transparency. The advent of HLC Events generated a flood of new clientele, where once these special trinkets were made-to-order in the workshop, they were now made on-site and en-view of weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, graduations, and corporate events. Suddenly, the spectator is in the driver’s seat, collaborating with the craftsperson to create their own keepsake. This hands-on approach introduces another level of refinement to critical chapters in our lives, leaving a lasting impression that retains its charm beyond closing remarks.

 Presently, they offer five independent craft services that are fully portable and easy to set up for any occasion or space, and their team of seasoned creatives are at the ready to plan, present, and execute your ideas through a detailed outlining stage, working to make these ideas a reality for you and your guests. Some of the services don’t even require electricity, like wet leather monogramming, which would be perfect for outdoor retreats, seasonal excursions, or remote gatherings. Classically monogrammed leather permeates a sense of regality and refinement that leaves a hearty impression, and HLC Events come in clutch with a manual leather press that strikes a room with that timeless feel of handcrafted art, of which your clients or guests get to take home with them in a variety of shapes or forms. Keychains or luggage tags, for example, are carefully pressed with the desired name or message in a matter of moments, and the gift bearer consults with the craftsman on designing the best possible keepsake, stamped with intoxicating finesse.

The live artistry of HLC Events is highly customizable and serves as an extension of your brand’s identity, making room for powerful impacts at corporate parties, graduation celebrations, bridal showers, and more. In addition to leather-pressed keepsakes, HLC Events also houses gold-embossment, glass engraving and etching, small, group  leather crafting experiences, and, soon enough, henna body art. All of these art forms are supported with the best available materials in the nation, sourcing premium equipment that yields a memory ripe with intention and quality. The etching is employed free-hand with Copperplate engravers script, and the gold leaf foil is permanent, premium, and doesn’t rub off or flake over time. It goes without saying that attendees of your next event will walk away with a concrete relic that will last them a lifetime. 

While the team behind HLC Events steals the cake at any occasion, their artistry shines through prominently at weddings and ceremonies, where such artisanal gifts as leather keepsakes, engraved glassware, and gold-embossed treasures take on a whole new level of refinement. From the bachelorette gift sets to the reception party favors, HLC Events bring class and luxury to your special celebration that your guests will swoon over. Observing and participating in the creative process begets unrivaled elegance and intrigue that sculpts our most precious memories into fossilized mementos that we’ll cherish forever, even more special if individual names or phrases are included in the treats. HLC Events have a proven track record of witnessing monumental matrimonies, and you’ll understand why as your guests marvel over their favorite takeaways from your lovelorn affair.

The anatomy of HLC Events incorporates a highly intimate experience for people seeking to memorialize their special occasion, the DNA of which lives on in faded glory. This form of “experiential marketing” is gaining momentum in brand activations, company excursions, and influencer parties in pursuit of enhanced visibility and progress with a purpose. At the end of the day, however, the mastery employed by HLC Events navigates a frontierland of tenderly personalized biographies, going beyond simple marketing techniques and uniting our human craving for authentic engagements with ingenuity. These timeless trades work well in striking a lasting impression, but they truly shine in revealing our innate desire for bona fide, crafty kinship through creative, community-driven memory making.