Tesla’s Futuristic Supercharger Station: Diner and Drive-In Movie Theater Included

Tesla has received the green light from the city of Los Angeles (according to Teslarati) for an ambitious project that’s set to transform the traditional concept of a filling station. While Tesla has already made waves in the automotive world, it now aims to do the same for charging stations. Yes, you heard it right – Tesla is stepping up its game by creating a one-of-a-kind Supercharger station on the west side of Los Angeles.

This innovative hub, known as the “Diner and Drive-In Movie Supercharger,” represents the next evolution in charging infrastructure. With 32 Supercharger stalls, it promises to make refueling your Tesla faster and more convenient than ever. But that’s just the beginning.

This Tesla Supercharger station will house a retro-style diner, complete with a diverse menu offering various food options to satisfy your cravings. Whether it’s a quick bite or a leisurely meal, you will have a unique dining experience while your Tesla charges. And do not forget about the rooftop seating, where you can enjoy your meal with a view.

But Tesla’s vision goes beyond just satisfying your appetite. It includes entertainment too! Picture this: two movie theater screens showcasing a selection of iconic movie clips. 

While the exact appearance of this groundbreaking hub is yet to be unveiled, Tesla’s 2023 Investor Day presentation offered a sneak peek. A rendering of a Supercharger station from the presentation aligns with the project’s description, giving us a glimpse of what’s in store.

Tesla’s dedication to expanding its Supercharger network is evident. With approximately 17,000 charging stalls across nearly 2,000 stations in the United States, the company is committed to making EV charging accessible and convenient. Moreover, Tesla has inked deals with rival automakers like Ford, allowing their EVs to utilize 12,000 of its chargers. This collaborative approach aims to benefit all electric vehicle owners and further drive the adoption of sustainable transportation.

While Tesla leads the charge in developing its charging infrastructure, other automakers, including Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, and Rivian, have also ventured into building their charging networks. Porsche, for instance, recently opened a charging station in Germany, complete with a luxury waiting lounge, demonstrating the growing importance of charging experiences in the EV landscape.