The Cybertruck: Unveiling vs. Reality

As the first shipments of the Cybertruck roll out in the US, a Reddit user has shed light on the true cost of owning Tesla’s latest electric pickup.

Originally revealed in 2019, the Cybertruck’s unconventional design sparked a wave of controversy, boasting a futuristic aesthetic with its angular, stainless steel panels.

@tenfthigher took to the r/cybertruck subreddit to share the sales invoice for their newly acquired Cybertruck, revealing that the final price surpassed initial expectations.

The total cost for the Cybertruck amounted to $102,235, but after factoring in taxes, the final bill reached $113,242.

Tax rates for electric vehicle purchases vary significantly across different states in the US, with some regions imposing zero sales tax on EVs while others require full payment.

During the initial unveiling in 2019, Tesla CEO Elon Musk had suggested that the starting price for the Cybertruck would not exceed $40,000.

However, as the vehicle becomes available for purchase, prices now range from $79,990 to $99,990 for the top-tier Cyberbeast model, before accounting for taxes.

Despite the steep price tag, as owners begin to take delivery of their Cybertrucks, new insights into the vehicle are emerging.

For instance, owners have stumbled upon a quirky Easter egg feature: a double-tap on the truck’s window within the infotainment screen triggers the appearance of a crack.

This peculiar feature harks back to the Cybertruck’s original promise of “shatter-resistant Armor Glass” during its unveiling.

According to Tesla’s claims at the time, the Cybertruck’s windows were supposed to withstand the impact of a baseball thrown at 70 mph.

However, during the unveiling event, Tesla’s chief designer attempted to showcase the glass’s strength by hurling a metal ball at it, resulting in not one, but two cracks, much to the surprise of onlookers.