The Data Speaks For Itself With OneSkin’s Fortified Approach To Skin Longevity

As a pioneer in science forward skincare, OneSkin is sweeping aside the clutter of mainstream cosmetics in favor of data-driven formulas and scientifically-validated claims. In 2021,  OneSkin was founded by a powerful team of women, who each hold PhDs in different fields, including stem biology, skin regeneration, aging and bioinformatics. Backed by science and energized by groundbreaking discoveries that aging is a malleable process, OneSkin is able to enhance the health and appearance of our body’s largest organ by developing products through a rigorous in-house R&D process. As a modern wellness movement, the company sets itself apart with products that can reverse the effects of aging on a molecular level. 

OneSkin evolved from a research company to one that offers direct-to-consumer products upon the discovery that there was a huge gap in mainstream skincare. Founders Carolina Reis Oliveira, Alessandra Zonari, Mariana Boroni, and Juliana Lott started their journey by testing the efficacy of popular, topical skincare with their proprietary algorithm, MolClock, which predicts skin’s biological age. The results showed that many products either don’t improve skin health or actually speed up the process of aging. In response to these discoveries, OneSkin’s team decided to flip the script and provide science-backed skincare designed to target the root cause of aging, rather than simply mask its visible signs.

At the heart of OneSkin’s products sits OS-01, a proprietary peptide that is scientifically proven to reverse skin’s biological age (shown in lab studies on ex vivo human skin samples, and using their proprietary algorithm, MolClock, to predict skin’s biological age). Following over five years of research and screening over 800 different peptides, OneSkin’s founders discovered that the OS-01 peptide not only boosted skin’s epidermal thickness, supported repair pathways, and increased markers associated with collagen and hyaluronic acid production, but it also turned back the clock by reducing the skin’s biological age (shown in lab studies on ex vivo human skin models). By offering a comprehensive, yet simple line of safe and effective products that are powered by the OS-01 peptide, OneSkin is setting a new standard.


OneSkin’s flagship product, OS-01 FACE is a daily essential facial moisturizer powered by the OS-01 peptide and designed for skin most exposed to daily damage, including the face, neck, hands, and decolletage. It is clinically validated to improve skin’s barrier function, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and improve the elasticity, hydration, and firmness. To target skin aging across the rest of our body, OS-01 BODY is a daily moisturizer powered by the OS-01 peptide and specifically formulated for the thicker and tougher skin of the body. OS-01 BODY boosts skin hydration and fortifies skin so your body is better protected against environmental stressors. To simplify and streamline your skincare routines, OneSkin also offers PREP, a gentle daily facial cleanser that prepares your skin to optimally absorb the active ingredients in OS-01 FACE. In lab studies on ex vivo human skin models, OneSkin’s longevity scientists found that the OS-01 peptide in OS-01 FACE absorbs 2.2 times more efficiently into the skin when used directly after PREP. PREP removes impurities without irritating or drying skin. 

OneSkin is the antithesis of the many marketing-driven skincare brands that rely on empty promises without proven effectiveness. Their values are propelled by science, innovation, and a commitment to transparency, separating OneSkin from mainstream competitors. The brand was featured in Tony Robbins’ book, “Life Force”, as one of the newest breakthroughs for longevity science today. Additionally, OneSkin was recognized by Dr. David Sinclair in one of his “LifeSpan” podcast episodes that focused on research-based initiatives on how to look younger for longer. OneSkin was also mentioned in Dave Asprey’s podcast, “The Human Upgrade”, where he discussed how the OS-01  peptide works to combat aging at the molecular level. 

OneSkin doesn’t use fear-based, anti-aging strategies notoriously peppered throughout the beauty industry. Instead, they reframe perceptions around aging by unlocking the self confidence to embrace the journey in a healthier manner that optimizes performance and subsequently, your appearance.