The Little Car Company Upgrades Testa Rossa J3 with New Pacco Gara Package Adding Three More Prancing Horses

The Little Car Company, a UK-based manufacturer of miniature classic cars, has released a new upgrade package for its popular Testa Rossa J3 model. The new Pacco Gara package adds three more prancing horses to the already impressive lineup, making this miniature classic car even more exciting and fun to drive.

The Testa Rossa J3 is a 75% scale replica of the iconic Ferrari Testa Rossa, which was first introduced in the 1950s. The miniature version is powered by an electric motor and is capable of reaching speeds of up to 45 km/h. The car features a carbon-fiber body, a hand-stitched leather interior, and a range of modern features, including a Bluetooth sound system and LED lighting.

The new Pacco Gara package adds a number of new features to the Testa Rossa J3, including a more powerful electric motor, a larger battery pack, and a new transmission system. The new motor produces an additional 3 horsepower, bringing the total power output to 9 horsepower. The larger battery pack provides a longer range of up to 35 kilometers, and the new transmission system offers smoother acceleration and improved performance.

In addition to the new mechanical upgrades, the Pacco Gara package also includes a number of cosmetic enhancements. The car features a new paint job, with three new color options available: Rosso Fiorano, Grigio Scuro, and Blu Tour de France. The car also features a new set of lightweight alloy wheels, which are inspired by the original Ferrari Testa Rossa.

The Little Car Company has also announced a range of new accessories for the Testa Rossa J3, including a set of custom-fitted luggage, a miniature tool kit, and a range of branded clothing and merchandise.

The Testa Rossa J3 with Pacco Gara package is available now, with prices starting at £25,000. The car is a limited edition model, with only a small number of units available for purchase.